Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last Square Knit!

Yesterday prior to leaving for work, I finished the last few rows of my very last square for the Alpaca Project!!
I was having a lazy morning today and did nothing more on them, but tomorrow morning I plan on being productive and get the squares washed and blocked out, then lettered.
I can't have them sitting around without names, now can I? I don't think it will take long to get that part finished then sewn together. I am anxious to see if the finished project looked anything like what I pictured in my minds eye.
(And I hope Alpaca Barb likes it! She's been waiting a long time for this.)

" Carbon Copy"
Stitch pattern - waving rib
I should mention, all of my stitch patterns came from 365 Knitting Stitches A Year, Perpetual Calender. This has been one of the handiest little books I have run across. You can probably tell by how curled up my copy is, and the ton of posty notes sticking out of the side of it, that I use it a lot.
I always make a photo copy of my patterns, to make it more toteable, and of course to write all over. But even so, my little desk calendar is starting to look like it has been in a war zone.
I did cast on the mate for my orphaned sock :) before I left for work today, but did not do much else. (It was a little Ant-Arcticy inside the house today and my daughter and I huddled over our coffee cups while we visited, burrrrrrrrrr!)
I have decided that a knitting essential is to always have a sock on the needles...especially in my case of the, 19 (OMG!) skeins of sock yarn stash... What was I thinking??
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