Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lucy Bag

This bag I knitted and felted last week. Hand felting is a work out!
The pattern is the Lucy Bag from Two Old Bags.
They have awesome patterns.
This bag is destined to be someones happy new bag. I stuffed it so it looked full and hung it up with a price tag on it in my girlfriends shop.

Tammy's Bag

Post Felting

This little baby I whipped up the other nite.

I had this idea stuck in my head and this was the result. Pre felting picture.

Brucies potty peeper

This crazy little guy was customized for a friend that is a fire fighter.
I thought my hands were going to fall off by the time I got this done!

Raines Poncho

Bad focus
Raine's poncho


Crocheted Afghan for my son

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Charlie's Chair

Charlie with the crocheted plaid I made for my sister in law

Purple Chenille

This one went to England for my very good friend Eve

Garden Ceramics

And as you can see, I am into waaaay too many crafts.
These are ceramics painted by yours truly.

Patriotic Plaid

Made from the left over yarn from that huge ass afghan...think I over spent??

72 Stars

Flippin' huge star took two men to hold it up

Baby Shower Gifts

Machine embroidered bib's for Ryan
RaeAnne's Blankey

Tarot Bags

A machine embroidered tarot bag for Simone in Luxembourg.
The design was based on her Sun card form her deck.
and a bag for me :)

Wedding Book

Wedding album I made for my best friend.
Their wedding photo goes into the center frame.

More Baby Gifts

Crocheted blanket for Lexie
With matching sweater
knitted blanket for Gracie


My first Alpaca Sweater

This was a dream to knit!

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