Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plus Two

I sorta forgot to post about this one!
Last month I mentioned that Mark had a catastrophe with his yummy warm alpaca scarf (felted), and of course he waits til we are in the midst of a blizzard to discover it. So I quick made him the emergency scarf to tide him over til I could get more Andean Treasure in the mail.
I'm pretty pleased how this one turned out. The pattern called for a bulky yarn so I double stranded this one to make up for the lack of bulk. I loved knitting this one!! And it knit up pretty quick. I had it finished in just a few days.

I think he even got to wear it a few times before the weather started to turn.

Pattern:Montana Scarf
Yarn: Andean Treasure Midnight Heather
Needles size 10

My two time loser lace scarf turned into a winner on the third attempt! I finally started paying attention to what I was doing and managed to complete it this week.
I keep telling myself that I suck at the whole lace thingy, but yet I keep tormenting myself!
I wonder what Meyers-Briggs has to say about that part of my personality!!
The original pattern calls for a lace weight but I think it looks good as it is. Plus...alpaca is my favorite medium for scarves! Soft, uber warm and no itchies!

The most amazing part?? Not a "design feature" in either project!! I couldn't be more happy with the way both scarves turned out!

Pattern:The Ox (Rav link)
Yarn: Andean Treasure (lost clue the name of the color)
Needles size 6

I decided to frog the Broadstreet Mittens since I am not digging on the pattern and use the yarn for oh maybe...socks? I am on another sock kick. After my test used of new "yarn thingy" aka swift, that my friend made for me, my fingers starting itching to cast on for some cutey new socks so I started the Flutter-by socks (Rav link). first time using the Art Walk Yarn too... I'm digging on both so far ;)

Since I figure I musta peed in someones Cheerios last week, judging by the incredibly nasty karma that ensued all over me...I figure I needed some extensive sock therapy...ASAP!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3rd Time's a Charm?


I've been struggling with this pattern for a while now. Ridiculous really since it is a one liner, but for some reason lace patterns and me do not get along. I got all the way into my second skein of yarn when I got a good look at it and discovered tons of design features. Well now that can't be, so of course I ripped the darn thing out.

Attempt # 2...Now isn't it funny how the pattern reads so much easier on the second time around?? Going along swimmingly ( back to where I was on the second skein of yarn) when suddenly the unthinkable happens! My Harmony Needle came unglued! I fixed it of course but not before loosing a crap load of stitches. There again- lace and Not get along. I cannot seem to put those YO's back on the durned needle the right way! More design features! Frogged again!
This is attempt #3... I don't want to jinx myself but so far so good. All I really wanted to do was use up some yarn on a nice simple scarf!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine from work made this little baby. My swift broke last year and I have been ghetto rigging it and getting into tangles for my efforts.

Some how Matt got talked into a little woodworking project. I showed him some pictures and he made me this wonderful swift. (Not knowing a darn thing about yarn too I might add.) he made it to accommodate super sized skeins of yarn. I finally used it and I like it sooooo much better than the commercial ones! I had no idea he was so handy!

Raine went with me this year on Saturday to attend our annual Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. I played Department Photographer and Raine built sandcastles.
I have to admit, once it was over we beat a hasty retreat and did not stay for the After Plunge Party. I visited the dentist the day before and he attempted to pull a tooth- unsuccessfully I might add...Nothing worse than a trip to the dentist, except a trip to an oral surgeon! That requires a little R&R and lots of pain killers!

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