Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yesterday was a complete waste of 24 hours! I was not feeling well and ended up staying home from work. I hate wasting my day in bed, I lay there thinking of the thousand and one ways I could be spending it, instead of laying there with not even the strength to do some mindless knitting. Ticks me off to have to burn a sick day for such weaknesses.

So today I had to make up for it. I started my day bright and early, (that will happen when one spends an entire day sleeping). Scrub the floors and take care of last nights dishes (yuk). Do laundry, and in between, catch up on some of my recorded shows, rip out the five border rows of the Carbon Copy square re-knit it and sew the squares together. Plus knit with my granddaughter, and OMG! after 20 years of trying to get my daughter to learn to knit, she finally succumbed!!! I think it was because Raine, who usually only knits about 5 stitches once in a while when visits, sat in the other room and finished her first half of her bean bag.
It blows us away that the little stinker can remember how to do it after not touching it for months. She knit several rows today and then shamed her mother in to learning.

So for the first time Sarah knit, and Raine knit unsupervised, and has now taken hers home with her in her very own basket! (I'm so excited about it!)
I think I had a full day.

And now for the creme de la creme...

And not a moment too soon, Alpaca Barb's show is this weekend and now she will have her hanging to represent her first six alpaca's. Poor Barb, I'll bet there she thought I would never get this done! And to be honest, there were times I wondered myself. It took me a long time in the beginning to figure out the how's and the what's I wanted to do with this project, with only a vague idea of how I wanted it to look.
Then there was the stitch patterns to choose from, and oh boy are there a lot of choices!! Once I got my head wrapped around it, it went swimmingly, for the most part.
I am still not sure I like how the names came out, but my niece tells me it is very vintage and cool. I just hope Barb will like it.
I am giving it a final blocking tonite, and plan to be able to give it to her tomorrow afternoon.

I almost hate to give it up, because as I sat in this frozen tundra we call home, (no, the heat is not on yet, but in my mind it should be) I sat with this luscious fabric on my lap while I watched a movie, it kept me nice and toasty warm. It still surprises me how such a light and soft fiber can be so warm.

Now on to stash busting!
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