Saturday, February 28, 2015

SAORI weekend

This past weekend I drove to the Spinning Seahorse in Pensacola, FL for a fun filled weekend of weaving! Anna hosted SAORI and Beyond weaving workshop by Jennie and Cheryl from  Weavin' Place Saori Style in Folsom, LA.

There were 15 of us with all different skill levels. 
I was able to learn some new techniques and gain some inspiration. 

I also felt able to give some instruction to a couple of the new kids. Confidence growing ;)

I think the real inspiration came from the little fashion show Jennie gave us. Her garments were beautiful and had lovely drape. 

It made me want to run home and wind up some bobbins and start weaving fabric right away. 

Deb and I had brought our rigid heddle Cricket Looms and learned a trick for warping it with the Saori pre wound warps. 

When Jennie clamped the heddle to the table I went "ah ha!", that just made much more sense to me.  It was like warping front to back instead of back to front. Of course I had to see it to understand it.

Then a small station break for some triangle loom demo-ing.

I kept trying to record Debra from picassos moon but I have so much crap on my phone I had to stop and delete some pictures before I could take more. 
Sadly I had the same problem with the fashion show, not enough memory :-/

Here I are two very brief videos I managed to take with my abbreviated iPhone memory.


I don't think I will win any awards with my film making but you get the gist of it. ;)

As we were packing up I heard the clip clip of horses and ran outside to see this go by.

I took a walk the last day so I could take some water pictures but really, I spent most of my Florida weekend in doors. 

And of a local lady fishing from the wharf.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alpaca land

Apparently I got lost... Um somewhere. I thought I had been here but then logged in to see I hadn't. 

We had been working on Alpaca Land and busy trying to bribe the new fur kids to like us.  Let me just is a lengthy process.

This is the look I usually get from Juliet who happens to be the Elder. The others seem to ask permission from her first.

Cousin is the nicest one, which is ironic since the lady I got him from said he couldn't get along with her chickens and goats. I don't have any chickens for him to not like but he is by far the best behaved,

And being a young alpaca male. He was immediately put in his place by the three girls. 

Brodie was introduced but they all merged on him at once and he ran away like a scared little girl.

Then, oh horrors, made him pose with those really big doggies... 'You stay on your side and I will pretend you are not there.'

Johnny has become the horse whisperer.

And well this is Luna, who is usually a very nice horse. 

Except for last Sunday when I was riding her.

It went down like this... First I lost my hat, then my stirrup, then my boot flew off and she kept gaining speed... 

I could see two logs and a barn in my immediate future. 
I think maybe she didn't understand my Yankee accent because she just wouldn't WHOA!
 Then I picked what I hoped was a softer spot than the logs and full gallop!  I discovered I don't bounce as well as I used too.
I have been 'recovering' ever since and concentrating on clearing up some in progress stuff... 

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