Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have an empty basket!

I have an empty basket! You know what that means right?? Yep, I watched TV last night - two episodes of Doctor Who and 1 episode of Journeyman and 1 episode of Flash Gordon.

Ok- your probably thinking "holy crap! Did she do anything else last night?" Well actually, yes I did, thank you for asking. I finished crocheting that damned squishy rainbow blanket!!!!!!!!!


Woo Hoo! ( as she does the Snoopy dance). Yes- It is finally finished after over two years!!!

See??? Finito!

Ok yes- I know, it is not a huge afghan or complicated pattern, there is nothing special about it. It was really just an impulsive usage of an impulsive purchase. I am trying to curb that, no really, I am.

But just the fact that it was a UFO or more precisely a F/U project, or for more sensitive hearing a Screwed Up Salvaged Project (SUSP), makes it all the sweeter to complete! And as it turns out, it is just the right size for a little girl, who cannot have enough of her Mimi's blankies to curl up in. Now it's out of my computer/craft/disaster room and into the washing machine to make it's clean get away to Sarah's house ( and out of mine..lol). I couldn't be happier! (I know, I know, enough already...I'm done)

Now I have an empty basket ready for the next UFO to be placed inside it (shuddering)...as soon as that last alpaca square is done....I am at the finish line with it.

So I now present....Drum roll please....Raine's Squishy Rainbow Blanket! Ta-Da!

Ok that was for Raine....she's 7, whadda you want?

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