Monday, June 22, 2009

Sad puppy eyes

Poor little Brodie, He knew something was up when his momma packed his living room bed. Not that he is shy about laying on the couch or anything but you would have thought his little world was turned upside down when I packed his little bed and blankie. Not that he still doesn't have another bed and two blankies in his kennel, and he is hardly neglected. But he is sad about it and has been nine miles up my butt ever since!

I tried to tell him how he was going to have a much bigger place to run around in, and stairs to run up and down, and a really long sidewalk to take his walks on, but he is not having any of that. Poor guy, moving will be tough on him, no Abby and Jeebs right next door anymore.

I on the other hand am very excited! 4 more days and counting! I have everything packed but 1 cup, 1 glass, 1 cereal bowl and the coffee pot!

Sarah and Raine came over Saturday and helped me with the last of packing.  Seriously, you would have thought I was the child they way she kept scolding me! " many hair brushes do you need?? "" much hair product is really necessary! Mom...are you going to use this hair dryer over the next couple of days? (I never dry my hair, but now that it is packed I want to)." "Mom I am packing your curling iron and straightener (but I might need that)" Mom...why do you have so much make up? you never wear make up!" and on and on it went.
                                                           (Kaitlyn's Sock)
I still manage to knit some, even though I had one of those nasty EMG tests on my arms, you know the kind where they stick the lightening rod in your muscle and turn on the electricity? Then they go, " yup you have a pinched nerve"...duh "in C6." Just flippin' Wonderful!

And I got a whole 4 squares done on my mitered afghan, and Raine's leg warmers are complete...Oh, she needs wool leg warmers in 80 degree weather!

We had a really big blow on Friday? I think. I thought for sure we were going to have a tornado. I was outside taking pictures of course. You can kinda see how fast the clouds were moving. For a while there we seemed to be in the eye of the storm, and I tried to get a picture of the tail that was starting to form but I had my damn camera settings wrong. 

Then just as the down pour started I turned to go inside and walked right through my patio door! Owwww, who would have thought a screen door would hurt so much, like my arms didn't hurt enough from the torture doctor as it was. Now of course I have to take it in to get it fixed before I move....In Four Days! 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elbow Grease? Where Can I buy That?

Many years ago I had a friend that, well isn't the sharpest tack in the box. I'll just call her Dee (changing the name to protect the ditzy).  I can't even tell you exactly what we were talking about because her question blew me away. I had said something about using good old fashioned elbow grease (obviously talking about some sort of manual labor) and Dee says to me " Elbow grease??? Where can I buy that?"  Nope she wasn't kidding either. 

 Today Mr. Fix it stopped by and we were having a good laugh at my attempt to redo my furniture and the mess I had made on the wall with the stain. Oops! So he grabs the magic sponge and starts scrubbing the wall. I told him, no I will have to paint that because it is stain.  "Nope" he says, "just some good ole fashioned elbow grease is all I need" Then he starts laughing..."Where can I buy that??" Now of course he remembered the conversation and that it was one of my dingy friends that said it. 

Oh there begins reminiscing ..."Remember the time Dee thought it hurt to push your roots back"....LOL  "And remember that time she got lost...." " Dee... Can you see the Sears Tower ....Yes (bawling) Then turn around and drive way from the Sears Tower-Dee Move away from the light...hehe"  

Sometimes ya just gotta have one of those friends that can make you pee your pants without even trying.  

So here begins my latest brain storm. I wanted new bedroom furniture. 7 years ago when Mark and I moved into the farm house I bought this set of bedroom furniture that was a kinda washed out green laminate crap. I liked it for .. oh about 3 weeks. Short lived honeymoon. I decided I want to stain it and without any clear plan I run to the store and buy some poly stain...ah, yah, no...  First attempt...rather disastrous, it wouldn't stick and  the pukey green looked better.  Then I remembered ceramic antiquing 101. Duh... sand the furniture, paint it then stain.

Here is the recipe for my dresser (lightly sand it first of course), I then painted two coats of Reddened Earth ...sounds purty doesn't it, then one coat of Walnut stain, wipe off and voĆ®la, New furniture! 

Even just the two coats of paint was an improvement over the pukey green...and no I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it. 

Here it is with the stain nearly completed. I have this piece finished and I am waiting til I can brush on the poly coat. I just put the first coat on the night stand tonite.  (note: Objects may appear darker in person) Actually, with the stain dried it is close enough to make the bed look like it belongs to a set. 

I have a third piece, a long dresser which I am not going to paint until I move. I decided it is just too darn heavy to move around and I really have no where to put it so it is out of the way while I work on it. 
If I don't like it when I move I can always shove it in bedroom number two. 14 more days and counting...Movers and groomer appointments are set!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Well...there we have it.

You know what they say about best laid plans of mice and wo-men.  I was all set and ready to move but I must have peed in someones Cheerios because the builder farted around getting my signed contract back to me...resulting in, you know it, a later closing date! So now it is the 24th and I want to move, like yesterday! Grrrr....I really gotta stop wearing pink on Wednesday's (Mean Girls)
At least until I move, this is all about bad karma I'm sure because I have been a little more than sassy about a certain supervisor at work. 

On the up side, I found this fantastic yarn artisan on Etsy...and now she is my Rav buddy too! 
Twilight Knits made me a special order neon self striping yarn that has turned out so fab!  When I was in Tennessee, I promised my cousin Robbies girls that I would make them each a pair of socks. Kaitlyn had specific colors she wanted, to which I said "I can get anything you want honey" ! And so I did...I just love the fiber world!!

Little Hannah liked the pair I was working on so I decided to make them in her size. These are my "Twice Liked Stripes"...Why twice liked you ask? Well you ever like a yarn so much you liked it twice? That is what happened here. I was surfing Knit Picks and had one of those impulse moments... you know the "oooh I really like that colorway" , Martinique...I keep reminding myself now because when it came in the mail, I realized I already had a pair of socks in this color! Go figure! Lucky Hannah like them ;)

Project Scoop
Pattern: My Own Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Martinique
Needles : Size 2

Because I have two thirds of my life packed I am starting to get a little bit bored,  and I was waiting for Kaitlyn's yarn to arrive, I dove into a box with yarn and pulled out two colors of who knows why I bought it in the first place yarn, and started a pair of leg-warmies for Raine. One down and one to go.

Another washcloth off the needles. This one in a reverse miter. 

I had another moment of Knit Picks yarn porn weakness and bought 12 skiens of Swish to make a mitered throw for my new place. 

Moving day cannot come soon enough!

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