Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Mice and Men

Well you know what they say about best laid plans.... Mine have changed! Still moving, only to a different place. I think I am going to hang out a shingle that says "1 Nice Person and 1 Great Sheltie live here! - Crabby People need not apply"

11 days and counting.....

Men... they can be such babies at times. However much they claim to not be playing games, turning off the Internet, turning off the front porch lights when you're coming home late and canceling one's email is game playing and very childish!! And where do they get off with this "It's my way or the highway" crap. Ever hear of something called a compromise?? NO? Guess not!...So guess what, I am taking my "ugly boobs" ( I didn't know boobs could be ugly) and my "fat butt" and I'll be "very single" and hitting the highway!

I am sure all of you ladies would agree with me on that score.

With all that turmoil going on you can probably guess I haven't knit shit! I am darn near completely packed however, due to game playing, I will have limited Internet for a few days, and my email access is sporatic. However, I waste no time in re-spinning my web ;) ! Utilities and Internet will be ready when I move in, or rather shortly there after, being there is a holiday to contend with.

I have spent some time surfing the Internet for a "new look". I love vintage... I am not talking 1960's or 70's type vintage. I'm talking old world early 1900's turn of the century stuff. Technically I guess that is called antique but I like to call it vintage.

I have an antique folding rocker that had a causality a few years ago and is in need of repair, but I did find someone who might be able to repair it. I also found a twin to my chair on EBay...and won it of course. Purchased a dry sink and am now looking for a wash basin to go with it. Along with the 130 year old humidor from my dad. Now that is what I call vintage :)

I have a few odds and ends that have been passed down through my mom. And I will finally be able to hang the very special painting of my brother's in my home in a public place.

OK- so maybe still life's aren't everybody cup of tea. But this one is very special to me, my brother Gary painted it in art class and it is 38 years old. Ok, and maybe it is kinda an ugly picture, but I think it must have grown on me after all these years. Or maybe I always liked it. It is as much a part of me as my red hair.

Anyway, everybody tells me it is ugly and I was never allowed to hang it in a prominent part of the house. So now, I am thinkin' since it is a picture of food, it should go in the dining room.

Tell me what do you think. I am thinking maybe some cool 3d pictures or something like that to compliment it in a grouping???

Any suggestions?? Maybe I will check out Hobby Lobby and see what they have going on.

I did start on my second Loopy sock (BTW- My first pair of Loopy's made the Feature Photo on Ravelry, it is my third feature photo ;) ). I have to start over again tho because somewhere along the line I got one of my loopys on the needle and botched the whole thing up. Since I have less than an inch knit I may as well start over and save myself the aggravation. That is pretty much all I have gotten done in the way of knitting. It is kinda frustrating but every time I sit down to knit, I think of a dozen things that need to be packed.

Brodie is growing by leaps and bounds it seems. And we have hit the puppy terrible two's! He is in that nippy stage, and the more I correct him the nipper he gets. Kids! Really - he sounds more like my daughter as a teen...LOL

Poor Bingo, he is so tolerant! Brodie just walks where ever he wants to to get to where he wants to.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Summer Slump

What is it about knitting that makes us compulsive? Is it the actual rhythmic process or is it satisfaction of the finished project? To have something we have made with our own two hands, something unique? The satisfaction of completion?  
I personally, love all of it! I love the soothing rhythm of knitting and crocheting. I find it relaxing as well as a challenge. I suppose that is why most crafters have more than one project going at a time. I need to have the no nonsense project always at hand for the stressed mind to be soothed. But I am finding more and more that I need to have a challenge nearby as well. I get a small thrill of satisfaction form having the ability to knit or crochet in the dark. 

Ok, so maybe that is a little weird, but think about all the times your family is asleep and you have the urge to knit. Or, say when your boyfriend decides you have been up late enough and turns out the light so you can't knit, and you can still continue to knit without them (that would be the thrill of defiance...LOL)!

I also love the admiration from other people (and who doesn't), the ability to give a unique gift to someone that over shadows the appreciation of a purchased gift. It tells a story of love when you give something that is hand made. Anyone can go to the store and buy something, but it takes a special kind of love to make a gift for someone. 

So then, since all of these things are important to me, why then do I always have that annual summer knitting slow down? Naturally, the lack of air conditioning in my home says a lot. It is difficult to work on a large project when you're feeling smothered by the weight of it and it increase your body temperature by 20 degrees. So...problem solved right? Work on something small and light! Well- that is not happening either. I have two pairs of socks as well as a scarf and hat that I could be working on. I can't blame it all on Brodie, since this is really a seasonal slump for me, more so than because I have a new puppy demanding a lot of my time.  Maybe it is because I am spending more time outside (playing), or maybe it is because I am busier at work, but that usually makes me knit more. Or is it just too hard to think about making wintery type items when it is 90 degrees and the humidity is 150 percent

Yah, that must be it- all of the above.

Here is a shot of what I did Sunday morning at the CRACK of DAWN! No sillies, I did not run, as if...I took the pictures of the police officers running in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. These courageous cops also got up at the crack of dawn to pass the torch from Winthrop Harbor, IL town to town all the way to Lincolnwood, IL to signal the beginning of the Special Olympics which take place this coming weekend.

Bless them, for sure I could not have run even the shortest leg of the trip.

Look at that sweet face!! Who would have ever guessed that that sweet little baby could harbor the soul of a terrorist!!! 

Clearly we have our work cut out for us!!!  Brodie has not yet learned you do not touch Momma's knitting basket! (note the chew marks on the needle).


Oh Boy!!! Here we go again.... Apparently Brodie also likes Momma's shoes! And will take them right off her foot!  

Clearly thinking, "Hmmmmm..... What else can I get into...."

Well, I did manage to salvage my TOFUtsie sock, if not the needles. It took me a good ten minutes to untangle the mess Brodie put it in, then I figured that should be my cue to get off my fat butt and graft the toe.  THAT was when I discovered my first puppy causality. My little terrorist bit off a quarter inch of one of my needles. I might be able to sand down the tip for a repair, but it was not the same needle with the chew marks on the tip, Oh Boy!  When you have such a well behaved older dog in the house for so many years, you tend to forget about the baby proofing part of puppydom.

We did get lucky with finding a place, right next door the a pair of out-laws!! A/C in the summer and Heat in the winter...what a concept!! Built in doggie- sitters right next door. My niece Emily is very excited about walking Bingo and Brodie (now there is a visual, Bings doesn't exactly do leash very well, and Emily is 7) and Raine is ecstatic about Mimi living next door to Emily!

I won't miss this house at all! It served it's purpose I guess, but it is too high maintenance. Too big for the four of us and too damn hard to keep clean for the one of us. Especially with the kind of hours I keep.  I think we will all miss this yard though. Especially my babies, they love the open space and having 4 acres means no poop patrol, at least as far a Bingo is concerned. He is  very considerate that way. Moving to a duplex definitely means poop patrol! YUK! And, no off leash playing in the yard. I think we will be making lots of trips to the forest preserve and the dog park.

And as you can see, Brodie really loves to run, and run and run, literally circles around Bingo, and anything else he sees.

It will be an interesting move for sure.
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