Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not so photogenic

CA Dawn played this evil trick... She tagged me with a Right Now meme!

Wants a picture of me right now... no hair combing, no fixing the make up, what if I was in my jammas?? It is one thing to walk my dog looking like something the cat dragged in but quite another to broadcast it on the Internet. *shudders*

Ok... I'm game, just remember- you asked for it!, that's not it

Crap! That didn't work either!

Yep... that was a great shot of the top of my head!

Ok- I'm going to pee my self now... good thing nobody is here to see this.

Damn! How do these kids do this!

Ok...This is obviously as good as it gets!

As you can see I already wearing my Halloween costume....LOL This is me Dawn... pretending to be a dispatcher after a 12 hour shift, while catching up on my blog reading. Self portraits with a camera phone...not so easy.

By the way Dawn... I think you cheated with your glamour shot.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Time for a commercial break...

I was severely reminded last night when I got to work by my co-worker, that I have been remiss in my blog duties. First off she acted like I was gone forever. I had a class at the Sheriff's Department on Monday, and my two normal days off. Monday was kinda like a day off since the class was fun and we got out early.

I had a nice family impromptu dinner with my brother and his family Monday night ( it pays to show up around dinner time.)
My brother is inflicted with the same disease (diabetes) I have ( infact I blame him for mine), so I was none too happy to find out he had been power washing his fence and had not eaten all day. Of course he felt like crap!!! Duh!! And of course I scolded him....every four hours we need to eat to keep our glucose balanced, and to watch what we eat, which he doesn't. He always looks at me funny when I scold him, probably because I am the much younger baby sister and he isn't used to it...hehe

Little Brodie went with me naturally, big brother has a fenced in yard where he can play to his hearts content. that is when his older cousin Charlie is not growling and chasing him. Charlie is such a sweet dog that I cannot fathom why he doesn't like Brodie, but after a while they are fine together. I should have taken a picture of them but it is hard to take a picture of a puppy constantaly hiding behind you.

Tuesday the kids came over for a visit. Sarah got herself a little car and now has transport. I have been watching the papers to help them find a place closer to me :)
I told them no more of this living out in the sticks where Jesus lost his sandals. I much prefer the 10 minute ride to their house rather than the drive to the ends of the earth trip they subject me to.

Wednesday I didn't do squat! Read a couple of steamy books, and not much else than that was going on besides that.
I guess time tends to slip away when one is immersed in a good book set in a far away land ;)

The rest of my days were spent working... and don't ask me what I did all last week because I think all I did was read and more work of course...boring! I did not even realize I had not posted anything until I was yelled at. I haven't been sick, just lost in another time and place...LOL

Here is a cool tidbit... well to me not so much of a tidbit. Most people who know me, know that I like rocks. I have a small collection of rocks, (small bolders some of them) so when I saw this on Yahoo News... I was pretty excited about it!

Yah... you're probably looking at this thinking someone cracked me over the head with that pick. Well let me tell you...this is the OLDEST ROCK ON EARTH!!!! To me that is very exciting! This rock as been dated at 4.28 billion years old. The Earth is estimated at 4.6 billion years old.
That is amazing! It was found on the eastern shores of Hudson Bay. I have a chunk of Canada in my house and it is the color of the darker portion of that rock, but I am pretty sure it is not nearly as old. Boy what I would give to just touch that rock... Could you imagine owning a piece of that rock?

Dawn awarded me with this prize. Thank you!! I needed this to remind me that I was not just talking to myself ;) Blog awards are ever-so-much fun.

Here are the rules:
If you've already received the award, great! That means you really, really deserve it! And feel free to pass it on again!
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
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Here are my nominations:

Irish Eyes
Kelp Knits
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Knit and Tonic
Irish Girlie Knits
Two Black Sheep

I decided it would be cheating to tag people Dawn already tagged, so here is a semi fresh batch of other blogs I love.

Now to run off and actually tag them...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got the finger!

There I was on Monday, driving down the road and delivering all the Pampered Chef goodies from my party, minding my own bleep bleep business when I turned the corner (albeit a little to0 sharp) and passed this big black truck when I glanced to my left ( as one does while driving) and I see this hand swing across the driver and flip me the bird!!

Stunned... It took me a minute to realized just who that was! I would recognize that pudgy finger anywhere!! Even if I had not seen the face of the driver. My first thought was, what a jackass and grow up for God's sake! And then as realization sunk in, Oh I see he has not grown up any in the last three months. Of all the ignorant, immature, uncouth behavior!!! Thank you for re-enforcing why I moved out! If he had not flipped me off I would not have even realized it was him, the fool.

I actually happened to be on my way to his sisters house in fact, which just happens to be down the road from where he now lives. I suppose it was inevitable that I pass him on the road, and inevitable that I get the finger from him. If the man has not matured in the last 10 or 12 years that I have known him, I guess it was unrealistic to expect mature behavior from him after a mere 3 months. Here is a thought... You're 41 Jackass...isn't it time to grow up??

For someone to say "Oh I am sure he did not mean it that way"... Get Real! What other freakin' way is there to mean it??? His own sisters don't even defend him, and generally I get a big hoorah for having "finally grown some balls". I always find that one a bit amusing, and I always reply with, "no I didn't grow any, I just brought them home from work"....LOL

Needless to say, I did not loose any sleep over it, and that is a sure sign I stayed too long! No tears, no missing him (just Bingo and my big doggie yard). In then end I found I was more than ready to put an end the constant humiliation and selfishness.

How I spent my sick day yesterday...yes that is right, I burned a sick day. Not something I really like to do, I always figure they are there for emergencies. But yesterday I was feeling, out of sorts. Out of sorts doesn't really describe it but I was not not so steady on my feet and generally felt like shit!
I spent the day on my couch listening to the third installment of Karen Marie Monings Fever series...(you know audio books is a weakness of mine right?) I won't spoil it for anyone but it is wrong wrong wrong to not have a fourth book ready when the third book is a huge cliff hanger!
You better write fast Karen....I can't stand the suspense.

And I did a little bit of knitting...I quickly realized I was not able to concentrate on anything complected so I put the Vertigo scarf down after only two pattern repeats. Am I never to finish this one??? Way too tedious for fine gauge yarn! I shall have to think of something to make it go quicker, perhaps making the vertigo pattern the middle of the scarf and adding ending it with something quicker? Pick up stitches at the beginning and garter the rest of it??? What do you think?

I only have two more icords to make for the Woven Cords scarf. One more in the Iron Ore and then one really long one in gold for the woven part of it. I think it will turn out pretty cool. I love mindless knitting, and this is a great way to use up some of my stash and end up with a funky scarf.

And yesterday that very nice Mr. Mailman brought me my Options needles!! Yeah Mr. Mailman! The zipper was broke on the case however so I called Knit Picks right away. The lady says to me "Oh I see that this is your first order with us" HUH? I don't know where she got that information. So I said "actually, no I order from you guys all the time. "
Seriously... I should have stock in the company for as much stuff as I order from them. Must have been the new email address that threw her off. They are going to send me a new case of course. In the meantime I just won't zip.

Sarah sent this to me today... Raine is in the Pink again. Wow it is that time of year already??? I better high tail it over to Berni's shop (Nails Under the Sun and Nikki's Place) and get my Pink Hair for Hope. I can't believe Raine beat me to it this year.

I thought you might enjoy a Brodie/Bingo flashback. What a good dog Bingo is, just letting the puppy walk all over him... I miss the big old hound.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What knitting?

Not a darn bit of knitting going on here... I have been too engrossed in the newest Karen Marie Moning Fever series. Silly really since I had downloaded the audio books, that is the whole purpose for them as fair as I am concerned. Completely addictive series!

I did get to play with my new printer today. I picked out some choice family photos and printed them all in sepia. Kinda of a cool swirly thing isn't it. I can change photos and move them around at will. Of course now I am all out of the color ink cartridge that came with it, so I will have to make a trip to the store tonite. While I am on my Pampered Chef delivery rounds.

I just took the little wild man out and he seems to think that He needs to walk me instead of me walking him.
Never ever try to grab the cord of a retractable leash when your puppy is running at mach 5!
The damn thing burned a crease right into my finger!

My cry of Owww!! ( and some other choice expletives) did make him pause finally. What a sweet face... who would guess there lurks a madman behind that sweet expression. The silly pup runs so fast that when he reaches the end of his leash his whole body does a flip in the air. I really need to take him to the forest preserve to run off some of that excessive energy.

Maybe I will start working on some of those WIP's now that I have piling up around the house.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Blogger Hell Week!

My blog blew up! WTF!! I had some wonky-ness happening here this week. I log on and there is some crazy ugliness from Photobucket saying I have exceeded my bandwidth, and it is posted all over my blog! WHAT?? I don't even use Photobucket!!! Then I finally realized the images for my template must be hosted there.
As you can see, I had to scrap my template and apply a generic one while I figure out what to do next. I am soooo sick of looking at templates, and wish I knew how to make my own. I have IWeb on my Macbook but not a clue how to use it. I really need to sign up for some lessons at the Apple Store!

Saturday was my Pampered Chef Party and all the girls all came over for it. This was the first PC Party I ever attended where the cooking part was group participation! Lots of fun, and I thought the consultant was terrific.

Sometimes my nature is too good. I let that boy's sisters use my sewing machine to make him a valance for his new place, (OK, well he did buy it for me).
How many women does it take to make one valance?? Well in this case it took three! Kelp who claims she can sew a straight line...Kare who can sew a straight line but can't see squat, and under protest, me... ( I happen to have really good magnifiers). I protested the entire time because I really hate to do something for someone who does not appreciate it. And frankly, I don't think he deserves assistance from any one of us. But there you have it. Damned if my good nature won out over good sense and I took pity the two girls and finished sewing the valance. I did turn out pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Evil knitting alert... remember the fingerless gloves I made for him in April during the flight to Vegas?? Weell he ain't gettin' them!

I haven't done didly squat with the Smoke Ring and couldn't wait to dive into the crazy scarf book I got from Kelpy for my birthday, so I started this funky business. Super easy, all make from Icord and I could sit and mindless knit! Much needed zen after the whole Blogger fiasco this week.

Remember that yarn I was using for Koolhaas??? well I found a better use for it. I have a ton of it from Knit Picks (Wool of the Andes in Iron Ore) and will have enough for the hat too, that's if I decide to tackle it again.
Sunday I gave my son in law a honey-do list. Had him hang some shelves for me ;)

Brodie has his own little shelf of goodies now near the door. Saves wear and tear on my antique humidor where I was piling his leashes.

And Gary's wall is now complete! I'm getting there with the decor but to be honest with you I am not all that interested in making it look too cute in here since I don't plan on staying.

I dug these bells out of my Christmas stuff a while ago because little Brodie is so Ninja quiet that I had to come up with an audible method of communication for when he wants to go outside (as apposed to telepathy).

The little bugger has this method down pat! He very loudly rings those bells for everything...I want to go potty....there's doggies outside and I want to play....there's kids outside and I want to play...I just want to go out and chase the butterflies...Aunt Debbie pulled up in her school bus and want to go play with her. You name it and he rings it!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me :)

I wasn't going to mention it, but yes...I had another birthday (dammit), that was yesterday. CA Dawn seemed to feel the need to shout it from the Redwood treetops. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I have some pretty great friends!!

Inquiring minds want to know-how I spent my birthday. Well, to start with, I sat in my little girlie recliner in my jammas and read these two paranormal type romances. Nope- no kilts on the cover but very nice washboards doncha think? I love when a little paranormal is thrown into a plot.

I got this awesome book from Kelp. Knitting New Scarves. I had just been looking at this one the other day on line and I can't wait to start some of them already. And Berni gave me a gift certificate for some happy feet...what could be better!
I got lots of calls and text messages from Jackass' family. ( I am so glad I get to keep them ). My own brother must be at too advanced of an age to remember the baby sister's birthday because I did not get a call from him. That's ok, I am used to it, he rarely has remembered to call - I think it depresses him that I am getting older.

Here is my Happy Birthday to Me prezzie. I have been without a printer since I moved because Sarah was in more need of one than I, so she inherited my other HP. I broke down finally and bought one on Saturday. I am all about wireless connections, and this one certainly fit the bill.
I haven't opened it yet because I was trying to decided if I was going to have buyers remorse or not. I looked online today and saw that the price actually went up from the $119 I paid for it to $ I guess I'll keep it for that kind of a bargain.

Sometimes an ex-boyfriend can be a pretty good friend and shopping buddy. PL stopped by on Saturday and went shopping with me at Sam's. We both bought one of these...(we always did have a lot in common). No- it is not just any old back pack, it is a hydration back pack for hikers. I always carry a bottle of water with me when I hike, and keep a bottle of water with a banana in the truck for after- I have learned that exercise and diabetes requires a lot of water (kind of a pain in the ass really). This pack will hold 2 liters of water, more than enough for me and Brodie, plus it is light on the back and has tons of pockets for my Ipod, cell phone, pepper spray and snackage.
I just got a call today, PL wants to go back to Sam's. His girlfriend liked his so much she wants one now :) I'm game for more shopping, especially when it is someone else's money ;)

Brodie had a busy day yesterday, when the kids came over they brought their puppy who is a month older than Brodie. He spent the afternoon terrorizing poor Herbie and ran himself out. He was still re cooperating today. I think he is finally learning that this is his corner of the couch when Momma is knitting.

I did start a new project ( to hell with that damn Koolhaas... I screwed it up again!)
I started (multiple times) this Smoke ring pattern. This is actually my first time knitting with a yarn a smaller gauge than sock yarn. I also discovered that Denise needles fairly suck when it comes to fingerweight yarn. The yarn drags on the needles and it was so difficult to knit I finally gave up. Screw that too! I want some Options....does anyone have reviews on them? I would love to have all Addi's but who can afford that!! I am tossing between the Harmony's and Options interchangeables... what do you think??? The Harmony's sure are pretty!
I borrowed Kelps 16 inch Addis and have now reached my third row of the lace chart with no special design features! And my Brodie proof yarn keeper ball is working out great!

There was a time when birthday's were to be spend partying as had and long as possible...(29 was a great year!) But now my idea of a great birthday is laying around doing just about as little as possible. A dinner date would be nice too, but I am pretty content to lay around with a book or two in my jamma's on my birthday.
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