Saturday, February 20, 2010

I got the "Where are you?"

TN Dawn very nicely prompted me with a "Where have you been?" note recently. I do tend to lose track of time being on the graveyard shift. Not really a good thing I know, but I also just kinda didn't have anything to talk about. I hadn't done much knitting, or living, and frankly work has been boring as hell, so hence my absence. I have no idea how CA Dawn can write daily. I can barely function some days. ;)

Here is what I've been up to the last few weeks:

Mark's afghan is finally done the right way...It only took me three tries to get that final strip crocheted in the correct order! He is a patient man when it comes to stuff like this ( the only thing he is patient about...LOL) and his birthday surprise was only a month late!

Project scoop:
Pattern - Simple Squares - Double crocheted- loosely based on every other block afghan in the world.
Yarn- Lion Brand Jiffy
Hook - K
Size - 50 x 70

Mark had a tragedy during our last snow storm- I got this call
"Mary- (he calls me Mary) guess what I put around my neck this morning?"
"Umm - I dunno- what?" It's like 7:30 am on my Monday- I can't answer these trick questions!
" A rug"
"A rug?!?"
" Yah... A Rug"

So in real people speak- he accidentally washed his alpaca scarf with his jackets and, yup - you guessed it- It felted! And boy-hidy was he pissed!!
Naturally he asks- "How quick can you make me another one? By 4 o'clock today?"

Well since I had to order his yarn - more alpaca since that is now his favorite, I made the Emergency Muffler. It did only take me a day, however it was not that day but the next.

Project Scoop
Pattern- Marks Emergency Muffler- Simple garter stitch.
Yarn- Left over Lion Brand Jiffy from the afghan
Needle- Size 9

Since I didn't measure it I can't give you that- I just hurried it over to the boy's house since he was whining about having to buy a cheap scarf from the store. This from the man who would never wear one because real men don't wear scarves.

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