Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pink Hair For Hope!

Today was pedi and hair day- A girl has to have a day off you know :) But this was a trip with a twist!

My very good friends Berni and Nikki run a hair salon and they have been participating in this huge fundraiser Pink Hair For Hope along with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It is a nation wide campaign which you may have heard of. They have been putting in Pink hair extentions for $10 and the money goes to breast cancer research.

This is a topic that is near and dear to me as I lost my own mother 11 years ago to breast cancer. And yesterday was the 16th anniversary of my brother's death, we lost him to colon cancer at the young age of 40.
So far my friends have raised over $5000, that is over 500 hair extentions!! I am so proud of them both!!
Here is the new article the News Sun ran on them - Cool in Pink . They were front page news around here!

Of course, I did my part, I have two pink extensions in my hair, and yes fuchsia does look good in red hair!! (just in case anyone was wondering)
And keeping with family continuity- my daughter and granddaughter will be getting theirs today, along with one of my nieces.

I have awesome friends- don't you think??

Here's Raine with hers!

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