Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just in the nick of time...

Or so I went to bed thinking this morning!! I have spent the last two weeks trying to motivate myself into working on this throw for Mark's birthday, because oh you know, he needed another one to go with the half dozen other afghans I've made him over the years!

Finally after staying up until noon-thirty today to get that last strip finished - for the second time... Washed, dried and ready to wrap for his birthday today! Then I woke up!
Took this picture and realized....$#@*!!!! I screwed it up again!!!!

Oh yes, see how those squares very nicely show an diagonal pattern? Then BAM, slam on the brakes...what the hell happened there!!! AGAIN! Oh yah, twice, not once but twice, I miss ordered the pattern!

Grrrr!! Well you know what they say about best laid plans and all that. Of course, It is now 7:30 pm, I have to work tonite (almost had to work a twelver on very little sleep- thank you Jason), and no time to fix it to take it over to the birthday boy tonite before I leave for work.

No I am not going to give it to him that way....oh horrors! I will just have to give it to him late and fix it tomorrow...or maybe the next day, now that I blew it, whats the hurry...right?

I do have that Bakers Square pumpkin pie for him ( his fav), and a rude birthday card to give him. I guess this is my karmic payback for gloating last Friday after having won $260 buckeroos at the casino (his b-day party) when he lost.

Oh well, off to work I go to sulk over it all night.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Welcome 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe time ringing in the New Year!!

Time was when I used to get dressed to the nines, put on my best CFM shoes and find the biggest, baddest and loudest New Years Eve party in town. Stay out dancing all night long, and hope someone in my group was still able to drive! My favorite party joint...The Brat Stop! Oh Yah! Those were the good ole' days of jeans so tight you had to use a fork to zip them, lighted dance floors and disco balls :)

These days it's, put on some comfortable jeans ('cause you need room for all that food you know you're going to eat), sneakers, and a semi cute top with a zippered hoodie, (because you know that window has to be open to let all the smoke out), and head on over to the family member with bar in the basement! Fortunately for me I didn't have to drive, and I brought my own bar tender ;) My boy knows how I like my cocktails!

Still, us girls danced all night long like in the old days even tho we weren't wearing the requisite shoes. And the party was plenty loud and obnoxious, and the Captain was still my best friend! Well, maybe all night was a stretch, since we all cleared out by 1:30, but hey....we're all older now and need our beauty sleep. And since I am usually working the holidays, it was especially fun for me!

Sorry- I just felt that one needed a headliner. I have never been so excited to get a project off the needles as I was these socks. I'm still pretty sure I am not going to like them on my feet tho.

Super duper secret project!!! Okay, not really so secret since I posted it, I am going to try to get this afghan finished before Marks birthday...I have 18 more days. It is crochet so it goes pretty quick, but it is not very portable.

I made no lofty resolutions this year since I know I won't keep them anyway. I did take care of that all important The Year Ahead tarot reading, but even without that, I will be looking forward into the new year, and crossing my fingers hard that it will be prosperous.

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