Monday, October 01, 2007

Kinda Fugly Shawl

This is a step back into the past a little ways. I actually made this shawl (my first) last winter. I have an abundance of this particular yarn because I was going to crochet an afghan from a pattern I "inherited" when my mom passed away. She had used this pattern called a "Star pattern" for the layette set she made when my son was born. Well, I guess I should have had her show me how it was done. It is the most complicated pattern I have ever tried to read and I completely botched the whole damn thing.
So a frogging we will go... and I shoved the whole mess into the closet.
Until last winter, while I sat in my freezing computer/craft/disaster room shivering until I could hear my teeth rattle- I pulled out two of these ginormous balls of yarn, used it double strand and started knitting.

No real pattern here. I started out with three stitches, and increased on each end, I think maybe every other row. Honestly I can't remember. It is pretty big as you can see by the size of the chair, and toasty warm! Which was what my goal was. I was told that it was hillbilly ( I think that was the word he used) and that I should throw it away. He also told me to quit wearing "that blanket" around the house, along with some other derogatory comments. *shrug* What do I care what it looks like -it keeps me warm and has a place of honor on the computer chair.
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