Saturday, April 04, 2015

sheba's palm sunday surprise

Last week my cousin calls, then texted me a couple of pictures. I wondered what the hey?? Course I was on the phone at the time and didn't respond right away. But when I did, Oh my the surprise!! Un beknownst to any of us, ( Well Robbie kinda had an idea) one of my alpacas, Sheba presented us with a surprise!


Here he is barely a few hours old. What a sweetie!

 And proud momma with baby hiding behind her. Please ignore the poop pile ;)
And my little guy, We have been calling him Spindles (Robbie again) and it seems to suit. I was calling him Sheba's Surprise but it seemed a bit too girly for my sunbathing boy.

My cousin suspects the one behind Sheba, Jo, may be in the same condition. I thought they were just fatties. *shrug* Time will tell.

Spindle's first selfie! Now that he is a whole week old ( almost) I find he is quite funny to watch and likes to race around the pen at top speed. Not sure if he is showing off or just practicing but it is hysterical to watch. I can't wait for a day off so I can sit in the pen with them.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter. Me? Well I will be at work :-/

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

my journeys end...

I was in the second wave of Voyagers in The Journey to the Golden Fleece  creativity course, so my personal journey started February of last year (2014 for those still writing the wrong date). It has been educational, joyful and sometimes painful.

Journaling was the hardest part for me I think. I like my private thoughts to be private, so sometimes to put things down on paper is difficult. I sketched much of it out in super secret code only I would know and I did not really share those feelings throughout the journey.

But I think some of it came may have out in my yarns for all to see.

Here they are completed in pecking order:

 Module One: The Call to Adventure.


Module Four: Meeting the Goddess


Module Five: The Boon 

Module Six: Magic Flight


Module Seven: Master of Two Worlds and the Freedom to Live 

  And you can see I really like that bowl!
If I have a favorite I would have to say it is Module1 because I was breaking out of the mold. Or maybe Module 2 because I so struggled with those coils. Or maybe it's Module 3 because I managed to blend color to match a scenic photo that reminded me of Starved Rock back home. Or even Module 4 because of the challenge of layers. Then Module 5 would be a favorite because I let go of the hoarded fiber and worked the entire yarn on a drop spindle (spun mostly at work I think) and then dyed it. Module 6 Because I had two visions and then the buttons nailed it for me. Module 7  has to be a favorite because I used all my newly acquired skills to produce a Mary Poppins yarn (practically perfectly and balanced).

Or maybe it really has to be Module 8 which holds them all.

Module Eight: Imparting Wisdom


I began with a little gold in the warp and for the center of the shield.

I began weaving with Module One and wove in succession

And here she golden fleece! It took just over a year but I made it! Loaded with blood, sweat and tears...and texture.

I just want to say thank you to Suzy/ WoolWench and Arlene /Spin Artiste for taking me on this wonderful journey, I can't wait to hang the certificate next to my shield!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

SAORI weekend

This past weekend I drove to the Spinning Seahorse in Pensacola, FL for a fun filled weekend of weaving! Anna hosted SAORI and Beyond weaving workshop by Jennie and Cheryl from  Weavin' Place Saori Style in Folsom, LA.

There were 15 of us with all different skill levels. 
I was able to learn some new techniques and gain some inspiration. 

I also felt able to give some instruction to a couple of the new kids. Confidence growing ;)

I think the real inspiration came from the little fashion show Jennie gave us. Her garments were beautiful and had lovely drape. 

It made me want to run home and wind up some bobbins and start weaving fabric right away. 

Deb and I had brought our rigid heddle Cricket Looms and learned a trick for warping it with the Saori pre wound warps. 

When Jennie clamped the heddle to the table I went "ah ha!", that just made much more sense to me.  It was like warping front to back instead of back to front. Of course I had to see it to understand it.

Then a small station break for some triangle loom demo-ing.

I kept trying to record Debra from picassos moon but I have so much crap on my phone I had to stop and delete some pictures before I could take more. 
Sadly I had the same problem with the fashion show, not enough memory :-/

Here I are two very brief videos I managed to take with my abbreviated iPhone memory.


I don't think I will win any awards with my film making but you get the gist of it. ;)

As we were packing up I heard the clip clip of horses and ran outside to see this go by.

I took a walk the last day so I could take some water pictures but really, I spent most of my Florida weekend in doors. 

And of a local lady fishing from the wharf.

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