Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Kinda silly when you think about it, the reason this one is not finished. A couple of years ago I started this blanket for a baby shower. One of those, I really like this squishy yarn, and bought it kind of deals. So I just started knitting, at break neck speed, then when I thought I should be just about finished, I took a good look at it and realized it was much too big for a baby blanket. Infact, I think it would have fit the whole crib. So I immediately slammed on the brakes, re-thunk the situation and instead of frogging I decided to add a few border rows and give it to my grandaughter. 'Cept, I never finished.

(Made from Red Heart's Baby Clouds- very warm and snuggley but tends to pill)

I don't usually do that, I very rarely have UFO's, but in this case it has sat in the basket needing those few rows crocheted for two years. The baby who I started it for just had her second birthday. She received something altogether different, a different blanket that was crocheted and a matching sweater. Knitting and crocheting for baby showers are always a rush it seems. For the last 4 or 5 years it seemed that all I did was make baby stuff. I had two baby showers back to back that year. My best friend had her first baby then too so I was also working on her gifts at the same time, plus trying to finish a cross stitch baby quilt as well (that also is a UFO).

One thing always seems to lead to another in large families, and I never could bring myself to pick up the hook and finish this one after all the rushing around was done.

Since I am trying to deplete my overgrown stash, I decided I had better start here. It now sits next to my tv chair to remind to get it done. I did throw a few stitches on it last night before my niece showed up to visit.
Now, if Iwould just sit down to watch some tv.
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