Monday, September 24, 2007

Best viewed in low lighting

...Or chocolate sock! As the title states, this one is best viewed in low lighting, that way you don't notice the toe is not quite right. Ever get your ssk's and you k2tog's reversed? Yup that is what happened here! Of course once I noticed it, I was so close to the finish line that I did not have the heart to frog. Besides, socks should be comfortable - right? Who is really going to see that toe anyway since it will be hidden by my shoe. Then there is that pesky grafting business...I just can't seem to wrap my head around that one. Each time I do the kitchener stitch I find I have to refer to a how to. (no shame in that I guess)

I did wiggle a bit when I took this picture (balancing on one foot with the other on a rocker-quite a feat) so it is a tad blurry. I completed this one while watching Premonition tonite. Freaky movie! I was going to work on the Basa square but I was afraid I would end up frogging that one since I had to watch the movie with a box of tissues. I am a sap, I know, and I get ribbed for it every time.
I haven't yet woven in the ends so I may have a change of heart and rip tomorrow. We'll see.
Now that I have one off the needles I no longer have to split my interest and can get back to completing the Alpaca Project. Socky # 2 can wait.
Off topic- yesterday was mall day with Raine we managed to walk the mall twice (it's a hike). She is such a little trouper she did not even complain until I mentioned we had been walking for four hours. At which point she promply sat down on a bench and announce she was tired, the little stinker, and I was the one carrying the bags. Today we went to see Finding Nemo on Ice. Absolutely adorable show. I think the I enjoyed it as much as she did.
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