Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend excitement- Welcome to my world!

Normally, all I talk about here is my craft- which ever one takes my fancy at the time (usually knitting) But I recently read somewhere that people like to read other things about a person's daily life in their blogs because we are made up of other things besides knitting. Too true!

So here is a slice of my daily life.

For the two or three people who might stumble upon this post and don't know it, I work for a police department in a fairly well behaved, affluent town. Usually weekends are a breeze at work and I really don't mind working them, generally speaking.

This weekend was plodding along quite nicely, Saturday was quiet ( we never say the Q word at work.) and we had no major incidents, that is not to say that the surrounding communities did not have their own issues (I think someone mentioned the Q word to them). I remember thinking at the time, that they needed to keep their trash south of our borders.

And weekends are usually a great time to catch up on paperwork, which I seem to have an abundance of. I also work on the department's website and having got myself behind schedule with events, I spent until the wee hours of the morn' getting the Halloween announcement page ready after I got home, you know, when I could have been knitting.
No biggie, what is a little red eye between friends. And I think it looks totally cute this year!

So having fiddled around on Saturday while at work, Sunday was going to be my paperwork catch up day, and I was swimming right along, all by my little lonesome until a neighboring community called and said:

"Hey- did you get any reports of an assault on your bike path??" "Noooooooo." "Well you do now!"

Oh Boy!

Adrenaline kicks in and dispatcher mode goes into high gear (should I mention the Bears Game had just started?) No giving the usual verbal heads up for the boys in the next room-I dispatch the call. They run!!

I love these kind of calls - No don't get me wrong, I do not like when people are hurt, quite the opposite, and this case was severe, very severe! And my heart goes out to the victim!

But I do love the rush you get from having an in-progress, hot call, out of the normal, run of the mill, automation of movements, type of call that require real brain activity!

"Unknown offender, unknown direction of travel" In other words-stop everything thing that breathes! "Medics on scene with severe injuries"
(yeah ok- did we know he walked to the hospital?)
No signs of life on the bike path-hmm

Suffice it to say, I began a frenzy of phones calls, to gather information, and disseminate information, and call in additional manpower. Fun Times- woo hoo!
I can't give the details of the call as it is under investigation, and the details are sketchy at best, we will just leave it at, this was an icky call, one that involved stopping the train for three hours.
This call started with me and two officers on shift at 7:30 pm. I finally left at 1:30 am, my two officers were still there, processing evidence, along with the four additional officers that I called in, Chief and Deputy Chief.

The victim? Well, his injuries were pretty severe, and I can't really tell you what they were, but he was air lifted out to another hospital as soon as he was stabilized, hospital A, being practically across the street from the incident, and when I left at 1:30 am, he was still in surgery and had been for several hours. We never got to talk to him so we don't know the rest of the story. Sorry- I have to leave you to your imagination.
And something to remember- Trains are big and made of metal! People are made flesh, blood and bone- hopefully the twain shall never meet- because if they do- people usually loose.

Bet you can guess why I knit daily now!


Unrelated- for those of you that have been here more than twice- you might have noticed I have been doing a little house keeping. Adding labels and what nots. I find the more time spend here, and more I learn and the more I play. I am sure I am not alone in that regard.
So to make it easier to find particular posts ( I hope) I have tried to categorize them a tad, for those of you that might want a second look.
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