Monday, October 27, 2008

My new Green Hat!

Ya'll know I am a Doctor Who fan, so the fact that I have been looking for a pattern of a hat I saw on one of the episodes should not be too much of a surprise. Freeya Agyeman wore in the Human Nature episode, not much out there in the way of patterns anymore thanks to BBC yanking them due to some supposed copy write infringements. One of the Who-ites from Ravelry found this one for me. It is not the same as the tam Freeya wore but close enough to satisfy me.

Now you're thinking... "she must be color blind, that hat is red!" True enough, it the color is red, but the yarn is green.
I was at Wal-Mart (which fairly sucks) yesterday to pick up some odds and ends plus some yarn I needed for the Special Olympic Scarf Project, when I decided to grab some Caron for this hat. This happens to be a Caron Soft Eco which is made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic bottles! I did not even know they made a green yarn... very exciting to me!

Now for the sucky part...Apparently Wal-Mart is discontinuing their yarn. Almost all of the yarn was discounted in shopping carts and what little was left on the shelf was all marked down to 2 dollars. Good for my pocket book but not so good for my crafting urges. They barely have any material left either.

Here is the specs on the hat:
Yarn-Caron Soft Eco - Wine country
Sizes J and H hooks
Pattern -Human Nature Tam by Melissa Hart

This pattern was easy enough to finish in one day. I found it had an interesting way of decreasing. Instead of skipping a stitch, she as a crochet 2 together, like a knit decrease. Obviously written by a knitter...LOL

I also finished my Tilted Blocks scarf Saturday night while I hung out with Kelpy. I suppose I will have to find another take-a-long project.

See here.. I told you Brodie this this is his blankie. He has begun sitting in my little antique rocker when I leave the house. I have caught him sitting here on a few occasions when I came back in. I think he is going to be said when this one goes out the door.

So what else did I do this weekend? Well Brodie had a bath on Saturday which highly entertaining for me.
I tried to upload the video of him drying himself off but I couldn't get it in the right spot.

Sunday I tore my new contact so it was back to glasses till I can go to the eye doc again today (bummers).
We also went to the old house so Brodie could run around off leash. The two house's sit on 4 acres so it is lots of doggie yard to play in.
I had to buy him another frisbee yesterday because his other one is lost. At first he did not want to touch the new one but I managed to coax him into it. I can't imagine where is old one is. It is his favorite toy, and I searched under every piece of furniture for it.

Here he is lightening fast running away from me with the Frisbee.

Both of us got a work out yesterday, especially after I let him off leash at home last night and I had to chase him a full block after he snagged a piece of unknown type meat the ignorant S.O.B. upstairs threw out on the lawn. Little man was sent to his room after that one!

Now off to the eye doc so I can loose the spectacles again.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Finished Weave!

Finally it is done!!!! I told you if I picked it up off of the floor I would forget about it and that is exactly what happened. I folded it up because company came over, then it was several more days before I forced myself to take it out again.

Sunday after Brodie and I drove around looking at townhome subdivisions in the area, I stood and looked at it all folded up on the chair for a few minutes then resolved to finish it that day. 

You know how when you like a pattern alot ( or at least the result if not the process) and you make several of the same kind, but by the time your on your 3 or 4th one you hate making them?? Well that is what happened here, I burned out on it. But now it is done and I can admire my handiwork.
Brodie seems to think Momma made it for him. He has laid on it every time I tried to work on it. I had to keep moving him out of the way several times while I wove. I keep telling him this one is not his but he isn't buying it.

Necessary purchases: This book - I can't believe I'm Lace Knitting and 4 skeins of yarn from Knitpicks. This does not fall under the heading of taboo shopping, simply because I say so. I have had this book on my wish list for a while, plus it was on sale for 40% off, and they yarn I bought for specific hat projects I have been wanting to make. The $130 I just spent at Ulta on a new make up line (Garden Botanika)  was necessary too ;) ( a girl has to look good -right?).

These gorgeous trees are right across the street from my station at our Village Hall. I just had to have a picture for the computer. I just love fall! The trees  of my apartment are practically bare already, it is kinda sad but I still have plenty of beautify scenery to look at on my way to work. 
Brodie is loving fall too, he gets so distracted outside chasing the leaves in the breeze he sometimes forgets to go potty. It is hysterical watching him. I can hardly wait til the snow flies so I can watch him play in it. (hence the reason I need to make more hats)

Autumn is the cooking season!! I am not real big on the kitchen aspect of homemaking but I do occasionally cook...and here is the proof!! Last weekend was crying out for Hamburger Soup to soothe the bite in the air. That seems to be my first kitchen task of the season, since apple picking did not happen this year for me. I'm thinking of a making a batch of chicken soup this weekend and freezing some to take to work. I actually cook more now than when I was with Mark, probably because I appreciate my efforts, even when it doesn't turn out...LOL 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Woven Plaid Afghan Pattern

This has been a horrendous week, more family tragedies that I won't go into, nor can I handle writing about. Suffice it to say, all that I have accomplished are these pictures TN Dawn requested of the woven plaid.

Super Duper Easy pattern for you crocheting gals out there. One thing you'll learn about me is that I improvise alot!  No clue where the original pattern came from, I only remember Kelp had the pattern and it had more colors than I wanted to use. My personal preference is for only three colors. It makes a good solid plaid, and this, like I said is my third big blankie. Kelpy has made several baby sized ones that turn out absolutely beautiful. 

I am not much of a pattern writer - but here goes.

It starts out with a chain, however wide you want it to be ( I think this one is 54x70 ish if I remember right). Double crochet in the 5th chain from hook then in every other chain to the end of the row with one chain inbetween. Chain 4 and turn, Double Crochet in each DC and CH in between each stitch. This makes the holes you weave through. 

Work 6 rows of your main color, 4 rows of a contrasting color, 2 rows of an accent color.
Repeat this pattern till your desired length- it should look something like this.

To weave the cross threads (when your finished crocheting of course) Begin by cutting your yarn to the length of the afghan plus about 12 inches. Each cross row is made using 3 strands of each color, begining with the main color, and follow the crocheted pattern of 6 rows of main color, 4 rows contrast color, 2 rows of accent color.
Thread three strands (same color yarn) on a tapestry needle, weave lengthwise through the holes in and out through alternating holes to the end of the afghan leaving about 6 inches on each end for the fringe. The following row, weave in the opposite holes from the previous row. 

Once you have a couple of colors done you will begin to see the plaid pattern start to form. The final step once you have woven the entire blanket is to knot your ends. I knot every two rows together and only on one end of the blanket. Once you have finished knotting one entire side, spread your blanket out and give it a good tug to make sure it is evened out at the other end, then proceed to finish knotting. Trim your fringe to desires length and Viola! Easy plaid!

Like this one ;) Color possiblities are endless!

Other than those pictures, very little else was accomplished week. A trip to the dentist today for a root canal (which hurts like hell now) and I got the bad news, of needing another one in the near future, must be the season for them hey Dawn? New eyeballs, which were another challenge for me today, multi vision contacts. I hope that works out because I detest wearing glasses! and now to take more pain killers.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weaving the Plaid

My addiction to scarves is apparent here. I have made quite a bit of headway on my Tilted Blocks (Rav link). It is so simple yet so unique looking. Should cause a little stir of bit of envy this winter I am thinking ;)

I have spent much of the last four days sitting my big butt on the floor. Not lazing about of course but weaving that retched red, white and blue afghan that I have had sitting around for the last two years. This is the third woven afghan I have made, the second RWB one, and frankly I am heartily sick of the thing.
The weaving portion is a pain in the arse! I have to cut three strands of yarn for each weft, and stripe it in 6, 4 and 2 rows to create the plaid pattern. I am just about half way there.

Thankfully I had the comfort of listening to my long awaited Brisinger while I wove.
Unfortunately my book is finished and of course, yet again, the author has left me hanging, waiting for the next book to find out what happens next.
In the meantime, I have this particular mess left on my living room floor and I am determined to finish it before picking it up off the floor.

My poor baby has been doing this for the last two days. He had is neutering appointment Thursday morning. When we got to the vets office, the woman says to me " Oh Brodie is here for canine castration?" I said "Shhh, that is an ugly word, I told Brodie he was here for a snip snip" She just laughed. You would think that doggie people would know better than to say something like that in front of a little pup.
Brodie was a little upset with me I think when I picked him up that night he bit my nose! Not hard you understand, but firm enough to express his displeasure.

Today he seems to be over it, he is moving around much much better and is back to his usual self. It is hard to keep him from jumping and running today, because he has his springs back on.
Yesterday he fair drove me nuts with the constant pawing on the couch to be lifted up on it. Up and down, up and down...all damn day.

OH HAPPY DAY!!! I just now stepped outside to take Brodie for a walk, and discovered the reason for all the noise upstairs. The ignorant ass upstairs is moving!!! YAY!

This man has been throwing food out on the lawn at least once a night every night since the Twigs moved here a year and half ago. Twig and I have caught him several times, told him to stop, reported him to management, and finally, on the first I had been pushed to my breaking point and called the police. The nasty half cooked meat he was throwing out has been making all of our pooches sick.
All of us were damned tired of cleaning up the yard several times of day. All I can say is that there are several of us in this building quite happy to see him go!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cord Trick

Weaving the icords was something of a challenge. I quickly realized I was going to have to do this in an ass backward fashion. Appropriate really since that is how I do most things. Instead of weaving normally with the weft cord, I laid the 200 inch cord across the four cords and wove the red alternately over the gold. All the while pushing the little guy out of the way each time I moved a cord. He seemed to think it a game.

For all intents and purposes-this scarf is done, until I can make a trip to the fabric store for clear elastic. I have it basted together at the ends but I still have to sew in the elastic cording to tighten it up. That will have to wait for a day off because, like book stores, I tend to lose myself in fabric stores.

I also need to pick out some more fleece for homeless hats since I used up everything I had in my sewing stash. I will have to make sure I pick up some fleece suitable for the kids too, Raine and Ethan would be upset if Mimi did not make them some hats too, especially since Uncle Twiggy got to have one.

I finally cleaned up the mess I had made of my Alien Scarf and it is now back to where I was after frogging half an alien face. My goal for October is to finish up some of these WIP's I have laying around. I feel like I can finally move forward with the alien now that it has been corrected.

Of course I could not resist starting another scarf! I am addicted to them! Thanks to Kelp I have a host of patterns begging to be knit. The problem with that will be that I will have to buy more yarn to make them. Most of my stash is sock yarn, and right now, I am in scarf mode.

This scarf is such an easy one and so cool looking, it is done in garter stitch so it qualifies as mindless knitting. After each square, I bind off 5 stitches and cast on 5 more at the end of that row, then just knit with my eyes closed. The yarn is some Noro that I picked up at Stitches this year. It is a darker blend so the colors are a little hard to see.

Frugal Living!
I have been looking at my finances this week and examining ways of cutting back on extravagances. since I never watch TV, I cut back my Uverse subscription to the smallest package, just in case I get bored and need to watch some boob tube. I have barely turned the thing on over the last two weeks to poof...gone. What is the point of paying for something that I don't watch. Then there is that Damned Iphone that I let Jackass twist my arm into buying. I hate the thing! It is too heavy and I don't use 90 percent of the features, so I checked to see when I can upgrade... And Woo Hoo I can get rid of that stupid phone!
Kinda funny when you think about it, I got a lesser phone and I call it it an upgrade. I should get my new phone in a couple of days, that will save me $15 buck right off the bat on my bill.
My biggest expense is frivolous shopping. I am pretty darned good at it. I love to shop ( not that damned grocery shopping thing) but the fun shopping. It is going to be tough but I can be frugal if I have to. I want something big...really big, and to get it I will have to have to learn to tell myself no. Quite a feat when one is used to buy what ever one wants!

Can you guess what the big thing is?? It is a house sillys! I want my own place where I can hang my hat and not worry about if the guy upstairs is going to throw food out on the lawn every night. Or if I am going to have a parking place when I get home from work.
I work with some really money savy people, or in other words... really cheap people, and I have been getting lots of advise on how to be a cheap ass...LOL

I have already felt myself tempted by some really pretty earrings I saw on HSN yesterday...but I prevailed! I have about a year to get my act together, but I feel confidant that I can do it! BTW...purchases done in the name of charity do not count...hence the reason I am guilt free over the second pink extension I am getting this week. ;)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hat time again!

The change in seasons is clearly upon us now. This is my favorite time of year, I love when the leaves change and the air is crisp. Brodie is completely fascinated with the fallen leaves and is driving me up a wall wanting to go outside and play. He spends a good part of the day begging to go out, and running circles around me in the yard, tasting leaves.

With the colder weather here, I am reminded again of those less fortunate. So I dug around in my sewing supplies for the fleece remnants I bought earlier in the year and dragged out my sewing machine (one of the best Christmas presents ever). I cut the fleece into 23x15 inch rectangles and made some simple hats for my homeless project. Last year I knitted several hats and scarves to donate to my local homeless shelter, but this year I decided that it would be much quicker to sew fleece hats instead. I just felt like I could potentially cover more heads that way.

The economy being what it is today, I fear there will be even more people on the streets here than ever. Even though I am living in a frugal state right now, (by choice) I have the ability to help out where I can. Most people have their pet charities, this one happens to be mine. I think that is probably due to the number of homeless people I see in my line of work so I am very conscious of the fact while I sit inside my nice warm home, there are several someone's out there with no shelter at all. Here are the three that I made so far today. No way I could have knitted three in one afternoon.

While I'm not a completely altruistic person, I still have a selfish streak. I work darn hard for my toys and I am fairly accustomed to buying what I want when I want it. This happens to be one of those times. I found this little beauty at an Etsy shop. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I knew that I could never have one while I lived with Mr. Narrow-Minded, but here in my own abode... well you get the picture.
What is that you ask?? This just happens to be a hand thrown stoneware French butter dish.

See...butter is packed into the smaller bowl, cold water into the larger bowl.

Then you place the lid on top, like so... This keeps your butter on the counter and spreadable for up to three weeks. Isn't it pretty??? I think our predecessors knew a thing or two. I also prefer to support independent artisans when ever possible, hence the reason I shop Etsy.

Yesterday I got my ears lowered! That's what my dad always called it. I told my friend Nikki that the cute do she gave me last time is the same do that everybody has...I need something different. Since the back was short and stacked I had her blend in the rest of it. Short Sassy and Curly...since that is the way my hair wants to behave anyway (she wanted to do sleek, but straightening these curls is a high maintenance job). I also had my pink extension put in for the Pink Hair for Hope Breast Cancer campaign. I know, kinda hard to see amongst the red curls but she put is the brightest pink she has.

Brodie also had his own campaign going yesterday. To start with, I made the fatal error in thinking he needed to sleep with me. Then he tried waking me up several times between the hours of 2 am and 7 am, which I naturally ignored. And while I was ignoring him, Brodie got himself off the bed and began to terrorize the house.
My fault for thinking he would stay put til a reasonable hour, my fault for being too lazy to throw away my Happy Meal container, my fault for leaving my knitting in an accessible spot, my fault for leaving the closet door open.

He was having a hay day! All over the living room was shredded cardboard, stuffing from one of his babies, itty bitty pieces of one of my hair clips stolen from the dresser, a dowel rod stolen from the closet looking like it had been through a shredder, and I am now one size 8 bamboo DPN short of a complete set.

He appears to be well over his little snit now doesn't he. Clearly he is not ready to sleep in the big bed, especially since he can get on and off by himself now.

But he does lay very nicely on my lap while I knit now, so we are making progress in that area.
And making progress on the Icord scarf. I have the 4 cords finished and started on the contrasting color for the weft cord. It needs to be 200 inches long so I am not even half way there yet...and oh boy, by the time you get to this one you are bored to tears with the monotony of it. I can't wait to be finished with it.

My WIP basket is getting a little too full and my WIP list a little too long so I am going to promise myself some project finishing for the month of October.
Now... back to my sewing machine.
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