Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm A Hero! already knew that right?? Ok, So maybe not quite a hero but I did have to call 911 the other nite. Sitting on my deck with Sarah and Raine, I was watching the traffic go by and I hear Bam-Crunch! Tires squeeling and cars sitting sideways. So we sat outside to watch the show. 4 squads a bambalance and an engine. is the view from my deck. Not so detailed a view, but interesting to watch non the less. Interesting enough to brave the misquitos for about a half hour before we had to give it up.

I am in headband mode right now. I never really challenge myself in my knitting and I completely suck at lace knitting so I decided to start small. Really small! After a number of false starts I finally managed to make this headband. (Actually it is for me but I had Raine model it for me). I have headband (winter variety) on the needles in colorwork.

Project Stats
Yarn: Swish Worsted Squirrel Heather
Needles: 7

This is my other project I have been working on Childhood, modified to fit Raine of course. I found that the pattern (so far) is wide enough but I had to increase the length in the back and the sleeve. The other modification I made is knitting the sleeve in the round because I abhore seams. We'll see how that works out for me.

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