Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Laundry Day!

Here it is- each square handwashed and pinned to dry. I can hardly wait for them to dry!!! I had to stand on one of those bouncey -wobbley dining room chairs to get this shot.
As usual, I have only a vauge notion of how I am going to stitch the names in. Each square has a panel of 15 stockenette at the bottom for the names, and I will have to use a contrasting color for obvious reasons. I think I would rather have them in all the same color except for one. I think that would show up the best and tie it in together better. I will have to look at the quanities of yarn that I have left over from each one before I decide.

Then there is the layout to be decided on. What will be the best color scheme? And should I make it a long or wide wall hanging? While these dry, I will sleep on it, and hopefully the idea fairy will give me a nudge.
I am open to suggestions if anyone wants to comment on it! What do you think?
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