Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update on the Pink

I mentioned here about the wonderful fund raiser that my friends Berni and Nikki from Nails Under the Sun & Nikki's Place are doing for Pink Hair for Hope, Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I talked to Berni today and she told me that her shop was cram packed full of people. They had over 100 people come in for pink hair extensions today! Hokey Smokes Rocky!!

I cannot imagine that many people in Berni's tiny little shop.

They had to turn people away today because it was just too many to handle in one day. Poor Nikki, I have no idea how she was keeping up...Berni told me she just said "Rock on!". Your a real trooper my friend!

To date they have raised well over $6000!!!! I will try to keep you abreast (seriously- no pun intended) of their progress.

A small note to certain small minded people who think that a lapel pin is enough to bring about an extra awareness during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and think pink hair is "unprofessional" . We, the professionals and executives, the managers and sales clerks, and women in every walk of life across the nation have news for you...
A lapel pin would not have brought out over 600 people to one little nail and hair salon in this one little town. A lapel pin would not have raised over $6000 in a week. A lapel pin would not have made front page news. A lapel pin would not have had people lined up waiting to get into Berni's shop on a Saturday morning to show their support. And yes, while I agree that the pink ribbon lapel pin is a good way to show suppport, it doesn't make the impact or make people talk about it like a small stripe of pink hair does. We can still act in a professional manner!

I do this thing because I have lost someone, and we all know someone who has a story, and someday this little pink stripe in my hair might save my life or the life of someone I love.
Even tho I know he will never read this, I feel better for having said it.
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