Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Sad Day on Sesame Street

Remember, way back in the beginning of this boring little blog, I posted this picture of my alpaca sweater? The yarn was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago from my sister in law. I was ever so excited when I received this yarn and the yarn my Ivy UFO is being knit with. Anyway I knit up this little shell, and even got to wear it several times.
Well, this summer, right after I had that little dizzy spell, and while my head was still spinning, so to speak, I attempted to do the laundry- I'll bet you can guess where this is going, (yes I know...fool). Well we all know this little piece needs to be washed by hand, and I preform this chore most lovingly. So can you imagine my surprise when I found it in the washing machine with my uniforms!?!?! Those scratchy uniforms that I wash on the heavy duty cycle with lots of fabric softener!
Yup you guessed felted! If I had been feeling better I think I would have cried. I stared for several minutes, turning it over and over in my hands.
Trying to determine if it could be salvaged or not. Then uttered a defeated "Oh Boy", shook my head and made my way back up the stairs to announce to everyone in the room what a complete moron I had just been.
About a week later- still not feeling up to par, and still feeling sorry formyself, I lay in my recliner making my daughter wait on me... I told her to go get the sweater.
First I tried it on the baby.

(pardon the grainy camera phone photos)

Then I tried it on the other baby.

Then both the babies had a good laugh! I failed to see the humour, if my daughter would just learn how to knit, she could have appreciated all the hard work that went in to it. Alright, so it wasn't that difficult, but she doesn't need to know that.
If the other baby would just finish that damn bean bag, she too might have been a little more sympathetic.

I mean really! They didn't have to laugh so loud, did they?
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