Monday, December 01, 2008

A Good Midwestern Blow!

We had our first winter storm warning last night. It was not so bad at work but the closer I got to home, the worse the visibility got. In fact but the time I got to the Jewel it was just about zero visibility. I was desperate for coffee and my favorite flavored creamer, so grocery shopping was an absolute must last night! I refused to go out during Black Friday Weekend to do any kind of shopping...even creamer.

Brodie was so excited about the snow he kept dashing about, trying to figure out what all that white stuff was. I had a hellava time trying to capture his picture, he was racing around so fast that by the time I had him in my sights he was gone already.  He was so excited he forgot to poo. (yeah I know- you really wanted to hear that part)

Today he tried to race around but of course could only go as far as the leash would let him. I tried to stand in a spot with the least amount of snow (since I had no socks on) 

But not crazy boy...true to his breeding, he plows straight in the deepest stuff he can find.
(you'll notice that my truck doesn't have as much snow as Mr. Stanley's car... that's because I wasn't home until almost midnight and still driving in it.)

And then...he lays down in the cold stuff!  Now that I have myself a wintery warm coat, I shall have to invest in a good pair of boots since it is clear that I will be spending a lot of time outside with this crazy dog who, as I type is right now looking out the patio door whining that he wants to go back outside.

Brodie in motion...Just like Bingo, he burries his nose in the snow and tosses it up in the air like a plow dog...LOL

I have given up on lace knitting...I have decided I am A D D and just cannot concentrate long enough to finish it. I am forever loosing my place on the graphs and forgetting where I left off. So for now at least...I give! I have also decided that I am a lazy knitter. I am always falling back to my tried and true patterns so that I can sit and not have to concentrate on anything and just knit. Lazy lazy lazy! I am starting another pair of socks, I looked and looked until I found something (not plain for a change but not lace either) that I felt my pea sized brain could handle. We will see how that goes.

Caution Opinionated Message
I feel a note about Black Friday is prudent. People...there are 28 more shopping days after Black Friday to get what you want. No sale is worth a man's life! I was absolutely horrified to hear that a Wal Mart employee was trampled to death opening the doors for Black Friday. Two men Shot to death at a Toys R Us. Believe me, I see and hear some pretty horrific things in my job, but this has to be one of the most shocking. Normal every day people so desperate to save a buck that they kill a man. Just how does this make us a great country? And how do you suppose the rest of the world perceives us? It is no wonder other nations refer to us as the Ugly American.
If we were Smart Americans - We would shop like my mother did...all year long.

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