Monday, December 22, 2008

A Fridged Winter Solstice??

Jumpin Josephat is it ever cold!!

This must be by far the coldest winter solstice that I can ever remember. I am sure The Farmers Almanac could tell us otherwise, but I can't remember one this cold ever in my life. Tonite it is -4 degrees!! Not including the wind chill of course. And we have so much snow that poor Brodie has to leap frog through it because it is up to his chest. Unfortunately he can't get back to his favorite potty spot. Uncle Twiggy shoveled out a section for the dogs...needless to say two out of the three are still adjusting to the snow shock. 

The frigid wind is another story. It is so painful to be outside that even Brodie doesn't want to be out.

I am so glad that I bought those boots when I did, my tooties have stayed nice and warm in them.

You just can't seem to take a picture of cold. 

While the wind howled outside I made this headband for a last minute Christmas gift for Mr Man, it matches his Mossy Muffler.

And this Drops 86-10 headband for Vicki, to go with the Woven Cord scarf (Rav link) that I gave her for Christmas. (we have already exchanged at work so it is safe to show you this)

Another Christmas Surprise came in the mail. CA Dawn, not to be outdone by TN Dawn in the gift giving department sent me this little beauty along with some of the best smelling strawberry soap that she and her husband made together! Not only does her soap smell fantastic but it is heavenly on the skin!
This has certainly been the Season of Surprises for me!!

Dawn this is beautiful thank you!!! You must tell me which pattern this is.

I am now off to brave the fridgid cold weather to look at a couple of townhouse, then finish up some odds and ends so I can get the kids prezzies wrapped and ready and out of the way.

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