Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Unwaved Tidal?

 After a fun filled Friday of MRI's and Ultrasounds on Unmentionable Parts. I finally got that damned training manual finished ( with Pammys help), and training meeting out of the way on Saturday. And none too soon I might add...since NewHire starts on Monday...Phew! Nothing like being under the wire.

Of course I had myself a couple of really good pity parties over Bubby (thank you my good friends for helping though that). Now I feel like it is time to really buckle down on that Tidal Wave sock!

Hmmm....for some reason my Tidal Wave doesn't look like the picture. Ok maybe I wasn't paying I start over (if I haven't started over at least a coupley times with a project something is definitely wrong!). I spend Saturday evening diligently following the pattern instructions (dammit I know I am doing this right) and I now have a couple of pattern repeats to gaze upon. WHAT THE HECK! "Kel...does this Tidal Wave look like a tidal wave to you?"  "mmm....Nope." "Shazbot!" (ok- that is not what I really said). "looks kinda big"  she says. "What the.... "

Oh no....compared side by side to the doesn't look like a darn thing like tidal waves.
Go figure...well I did only rip it out twice so far.

I was thinking I just couldn't see it because of the yarn pattern...but I'm thinking that it not the case here. Maybe my brain just cannot comprehend a sock that starts with 64 stitches? Seriously this sock could fit any number of kankles and it is not so very wavy! Should I try a lighter colored yarn maybe?

 Caught in the act!!! I walk out of the room for two seconds today and Mr. Destructo stole my cell phone off the table. Now really - just who did he think he was going to call!!

On a side sexy little red camera that Mr Man gave me last year for Christmas seems to not be working so good all of a sudden. My LCD display is missing, which would be no big deal except this little camera has no view finder. So all I can do now is just point and click, and hope I have the subject matter in the right spot. This could make the Christmas photos darned interesting this year!

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