Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm In Yarnitopia!

There's some kind of Christmas conspiracy going on!!

Yesterday I went in to work early so that I could "work my magic" on yet another last minute Power Point for the Chief (oh - yea) and the girls at work tell me I have presents. What??? Presents??? "What happen to we exchange with our partners?" "Well... we love you"

So I open my gifts and what do I find? The cutest ever Brodie picture frame from Jackie!

Look how they go together..."Like peas n carrots"

Pammy had this for me...a bounty of Andean Treasure!!! I absolutely LOVE Andean Treasure, baby alpaca is the softest ever yarn.  Mystery Heather, Embers and Woods! All my favoritest colors too!

And this adorable glass ornament- Which Brodie thought was real interesting too. 

Then I get home and find this in the mail box!

This I knew was coming from
Socks that Rock Hollyday yarn!!! This is even yummier in person than it was on her blog!

Accompanying STR was a lamp work (looks like) stitch marker by Sunneshine in red, a pad cutey sheep note paper and a sample of Soak to wash my finished Frismasy sockies in. This is my first STR yarn so I am pretty darned excited about it.

The biggest surprise by far was this package of goodies.

TN Dawn -queen of cutey socks and berets, sent me these yummy Lornas Laces in Watercolor

These adorable stitch little dice markers...obviously for the gambler in me ;)

And this crazy Jingle Bell pen!  This is such a Jeanne-like pen, I played with it half the night...Already I have had to move it out of Brodies reach and he tried to snatch one of my skeins of yarn. I think he thought it was another bungee baby.  

I'll tell you why this was such a surprise...Dawn is a sneaky girl...I would have sworn I just exchanged address' with her on the ...oh -15th according to my email. Yet this little surprise package was shipped on the 12th!! SNEAKY SNEAKY DAWN! How did she do it?? There is no way that I am that forgetful! (somehow I think I am going to be really embarrassed when she finally tells me)

I am so blessed in my friends! And do they know me or what! I could not have asked for anything better!!  
Many many thanks to my dear friends!

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