Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Ever Christmas Eve!

It Just wouldn't be Christmas without a new project on the needles!

 I've been wanting to try my hand at a pair of thrummed mitts, so I Googled the " how to" and started making the thrums...takes a little getting used to knitting with them.

 I also started a pair of socks for Sarah in more of that same alpaca yarn. One down and half of one to go. I took it to my brothers to work on in between stuffing my face full of spinach dip and bread.
I had to have her try on the completed one too since she has those itty bitty little kid feet. 

Vicki's husband and I have had this long standing joke about my knitting...and in particular Beer Can Hats... NO I DID NOT MAKE THIS! I have never made a beer can hat, but unfortuately, I have had to watch my mother make them.  So one night last week I found this on Ebay. Yes...apparently they are a hot item. Personally I have never understood the draw, but Vicki and I decided she should get this for him for Christmas. And knowing Jimmy like I do...he will wear it, in public even. We laughed so hard about it that I almost peed myself!

The grandbabies had a great time at Uncle Bob's... He has one of those up one side and down the next type of staircases that make running through the house that much more fun.

Raine and Ethan are the only little kiddies left now... it is sad when all the little monsters finally grow up. My eldest nephew was working late so I did not get to see him. (Usually that is my line)
And no one was disapointed in their gifts, not even when Raine unwrapped a can of black olives from Auntie Pam. The look on her face was priceless!!! The girl does love her black olives, and she definately got the joke.

This of course was my Merry Christmas to me gifts.

And the kids gave me this...The Rocky Horror Picture Show! 52 times at the 812 Cinema!!!
 "Sci-ence fiction..wooooo...double feature...Doctor X...will build a creature..."   Oh Sorry, I guess I went back in time for a bit. Damn...Now I have that song stuck in my head.

And this awesome handpainted alpaca yarn came from Kelp. And Brodie got more stuffies of course. 

But the best gift of all was a phone call from my long lost son!! And what a welcome surprise it was to hear his voice!! Maybe next year I might actually get to see him.

I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas too.

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