Thursday, December 04, 2008

A little road trip?

Today I had class to go to for police department record keeping. Dull you're thinking? Yah well I thought so too but I found out otherwise. I won't go into all the legal details, which Joe Q Public would find probably boring, just suffice it to say, for me it was a very interesting class.

Now the trip there was naturally a comedy of errors. I started out with a little printed piece of paper from Google Maps...yah what ever... I don't need no flippin' map... it is just Barrington, I know how to get there. Oh no...I am too arrogant for for my own good sometimes, because the class was really in South Barrington which of course is next to Barrington after you drive through North Barrington (I don't know what genius it was that came up with those original names). So hard can it be to find?? 

I got discombobulated of course because the traffic was so bad and I wasn't really paying attention because I was singing Christmas Carols and over confidant, then all of a sudden I started second guessing myself. I call my daughter- "Sarah...pull up Google Maps for me" (she was the only one that would answer her phone at that hour) 

So as it turned out I was going in the right direction in the first place (you know those damn forks in the road) so I turned myself around, after I had turned myself around in the first place. 

Wouldn't you think that a police department that is hosting a class would put some freakin' signs up saying "hey we are here"? Especially since there is not a sign even declaring there is a police department on the premise!!! So yes I did make it there finally, embarrassing really, but I wasn't the only one driving up and down the road trying to figure out where they were at.

Did I mention that I have a GPS? Yah...that would be some more of that arrogance thing...I don't need no freakin''s just Barrington! What-ever!

The instructor gave us like an hour and a half for lunch, so I found myself an IHOP ( I knew it was there because I passed it twice) plopped my fanny in the booth and started working on my sock...KIP doncha know. As I am knitting and waiting for my meal some lady comes up to me and says "what are you knitting? I am a knitter too" Which launched a whole conversation about sock knitting and the baby socks she knit for her grandchild that her daughter-in-law claimed didn't fit but were perfect...and well her daughter-in-law is a little finicky.....

After I ate I went back to the PD ( which was really a Village Hall ) and continued working on my sock (man I hope I am doing this one right) while I waited for class to start and swap records horror stories with my class mates. Great fun lemme tell ya. I love when I get to go school, it is like having Casual Friday.

Here's the poop on the sock:
Pattern: Tidal Waves 
Yarn : SWTC Soy Silk 
Needles: itsy bitsy toothpicks..(size 1)

At least once a week I pick up my Special Olympics scarf and throw another row on it. Switcho chango...I gave up on the one pattern stitch I was doing because I didn't like it after I got a couple of rows done on it so now I am crocheting (still lenthwise) double crochet with a front post ever other stitch.

This one is turning out pretty nice. I think only a couple more rows and it should be golden. I would work on it more but it is getting harder for me to crochet the older I get. Too much repetiton work I guess. 

I have a long weekend so maybe I will try to get this one done and mailed out. I am thinking they probably wanted them for this winter.

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