Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope everyone had a Happy Gobble Gobble Day

Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was so nice to finally have everyone together again, It has been way too many years. Nephew Mike made the best pumpkin pie ever!! Of course the turkey was excellant as always. Every year Sarah brings me a plate of food since I always work on Thanksgiving, and I always tell her make sure you bring me some of Allie's cranberry sauce. This year as the cranberry dish was being passed, I looked at my niece Allie and said " Al..did you make the sauce?" She gives me this stunned look then quicky masked it and "yes!"... Hmmm Methinks she tells Auntie a big fat fib! Of course her brother immediately rats her out to say Allie hasn't made the cranberry sauce in four years. WHAT!!! I have bamboozeled??  Well Ocean Spray was tastey but just not the same.  Cheeky kids!

Naturally I took some fantastic grainy pictures with my wonderful camera phone.
Why my camera phone you ask?? Well because I charged my camera battery, cleared the memory card and promptly left it sitting on the desk. And it seems I was not the only one who forgot their camera. Sarah forgot hers too. Infact no-one took pictures. 

Yup... that was it... I got one of Raine, everyone sitting and the dark family room watching a movie, and nephew Bill looking very thirsty at the table.  I only had enough room on my phone for those three pictures because the memory was too full...Oh yah! I was sooo prepared!
I know-I know I was the one that said  don't forget to charge your camera batteries...well I didn't forget to charge it, just take the damn thing with me.

I had plenty of battery to take this picture of my finished boot socks today. Washed-dried and ready for the snow fall we are supposed to have on Sunday.

And doesn't Baby Brodie look cute in Mark's Mossy Muffler???  (I just loved all those M's)
I finished this tonite while I sat at Kelps  house watching them decorate the Christmas tree. I now have it washed and laid out to dry.

I don't plan on having a tree this year, Brodie is too young and since I gave my big ass tree to the Kelp n Twig, I decided to give my big ornaments to Sarah, so No Black Friday crap for me...nuh huh... no way, no how! Sarah and I went through Christmas decorations instead and I got to make more room in my closets :) 

I could sure go for some Taco Bell right about now, I think it might be safe to go out now.

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