Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can I Say Dirtbag Over The Air??

The Word of the Day is Dirtbag!

Wikipedia's definition of a dirtbag:

"Dirtbag is a general term for an uncouth person who lacks class. A dirtbag is one who continually disregards others and humanity in general."

I know it is not the "PC " way of things, but let us call a spade a spade shall we?

My day started out with opening my door to my apartment to take Brodie out and there is a white something all over the door mat. Of course having worked a 12 the night before my eyes are more than bleary and my dog is sniffing frantically at what ever it is on my door mat. I bend over to take a closer look....CRUMBS....VERY LARGE BREAD CRUMBS were on the mat and in the bushes next to my door. G#$*D&$# MF-ING DIRTBAG!!! Those were the nice words.

So I go around to the front of my apartment and there must have been an entire loaf of bread in the front yard...all leading up to my front door. Like MF-ing Hansel and Gretel lead a mf-ing trail to my front door this morning!

My landlady got a stinging message left on her voice mail. Not that she will do anything about it or even call me back- she has no spine and is all lip service ( I hate lip service).

Then I come to work expecting a nice "q" is Sunday after all. The new kid seems to feel the need to pull over a car full of...yup you guessed it...more Dirtbags driving a car with windows he can't see into. He says "27-29 by file" I say "10-4" and I run his history-then I say
"Code 7 on your 27"

This is where I get to tell him in police speak that the guy behind the wheel is a dirtbag...but what I really want to say is "your driver is a FREAKIN' DIRTBAG!" I wonder if the FCC would be upset if I did that. I would probably end up with a bad girl letter in my file from the Chief.

Ok -I know I shouldn't bitch, and yes I know I work for 'dirtbags are us' and they are my job security - but Geez is Sunday for Pete's Sake! Can't they stay in their own towns today??? What's wrong with a nice dog at large call? Obviously I forgot to raise the shields when I came into work.

The new kid shamed me into polishing my boots today. He was sitting in the back putting a nice shine on his and I look down and realized that if my Drill Sergeant had seen these boots he would have made me drop for a 100!

Now after a little sit down with them - they are not shiny enough to see what color underwear I have on but they are passable.

This is what a Sunday is supposed to be like... spit shinin' your boots while watching the Bears game and follow that up with a little KIW ( knit- at- work).

Oh and Dawn... I did remember to take a picture of Brodie's new baby. Walgreen's Sista.

Now that I have all that off my chest I can get back to the important things - like ermm Knitting!

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