Friday, November 14, 2008

It's ALIVE !

Ok, now I've been gone so long Dawn asks if I'm ok....LOL I knew that was coming. I actually don't think I have knit one solitary stitch in the last week. I have been busy at work, but that is usual. The reason here is because I have gotten lost in the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah. I am totally addicted to this game. 

The other night I was up until 5 am playing ...stupid I know, because I had work the next day and I was dragging a$$! 
There are over 500 puzzles, so it is not like I am getting close to the finish or anything, but I can't seem to turn it off.

I did was and block all of my scarves this week and did hold my knitting while I watched the Bridge to Terabithia... but that was the extent of any fiber related activities.

I checked out which I find to be very creepy when strange guys start winking at you. 

Went to the library and got my weeks worth of books that did not last the week.

Oh - and I replaced the 4 panels on my vertical blinds where Brodie made "memories" for me.

So see? Nothing to show for my week plus of absence. Shame on me, I think the is the least productive I have ever been. And I'm pretty sure my butt got bigger this week too!

I would have worked on my sweater but Brodie made some memories for me there too. One by one the little darling started snagging each needle out and chewed them without me even realizing it, sitting right by my feet I might add. 
Cost of replacement? $22.95, because Hobby Lobby was the only place I could get wooden dpn's and they just happened to be rosewood...oh darn. 
He is so good most of the time that I forget he is still a p-u-p-p-y. 

I wasn't liking the color scheme any way-do over! I decided to try to dissect the photo of the sweater and see if I can follow the order of the colors they used. 

I am not going to play that game tonite when I get home from work... (I am going to keep telling myself that all night!).  I hate wasting my day hours sleeping!!
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