Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Feet Are Cold!

Wanna guess why my feet are cold?? We had our first snow fall! Woo Hoo! I'm an not sure if this counts as a first measurable snow fall but there is still some white stuff on the grass this morning.

It sucked that I had to be at work while the big flakes were falling. I really wanted to see Brodies reaction to it as it was falling but it quit snowing before I was done working. I think last night he thought it was just very cold leaves when I took him out after I got home.

In celebration of winter I decided to make some boot socks. I can never have enough of those. Since I have an over abundance of this Heather Gray Baby Alpaca from Knitpicks (see Ivy that I abandoned) I decided it was the perfect yarn to keep my tootsies warm this winter. Since somebody thinks he needs to go out every hour no matter what the weather.

Yesterday was Kelpy's birthday. Since both of us were working I felt it was acceptable to wait until tomorrow when I am off to give her present to her.
Just when I think I am starting to get semi organized - something happens to make me slide right back to the bottom! I bought her present in September, secreted it away so she would not see it when she came over. Well obviously I secreted it away a little too good! I can't find the damn thing! I go to wrap it today and I cannot remember where I put it. I have looked in all the obvious places, tomorrow I will have to tear the house apart to find it- I have until she gets home from work tomorrow to locate the damn thing. I know I will have the Ah-Ha moment as soon as I find it, but in the meantime - Do I give her this empty bag???

Every so often I remember I have this. Antique silver from my aunt that I have been storing for the last 20 years. Anyone have an idea of where I can unload this mess? Clearly I will never use it, and I am tired of having it lay around the house taking up valuable stash space!
Anyone-anyone? I know nothing about it other than it is really really old. It was really old when I was a kid.
Let me know your thoughts.
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