Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Boss is a Funny Guy!

Ya'll know I was rip roaring pissed the other day about my ignorant neighbor ( they refer to him as the meat thrower at work), so yesterday when I came into to work my Deputy Chief asked me what I drove? Huh?? I only have the one choice..."I say my truck" He says "Really? I thought you drove something else? " and takes me into the parking lot to show me....

Special Parking granted by DC Dave!!! Ok- so I did fly my broom to work the day before but I would have sworn I left it home yesterday!

We decided it was taking up too much space in the parking lot and moved it into dispatch.

Mossy Muffler is making slow progress but I did get to work on it for a while when I was at the Endo Doctor this morning. I am getting to the point where I will have to frog some more of that sweater.

Boot sock number 2 is almost done. I should be able to finish this either tonite after work or tomorrow before I high tail it to my brothers for some Turkey Day vittles! (I'll be taking that muffler with me).

I am pretty excited about it. This is the first Thanksgiving I have had off in about 5 years. This year we are going to have a full house besides, it seems the whole clan, what little there are left of us, will all be there. My poor sister-in-law (bless her sainted soul for putting up with all of us) does all the heavy work and hosts every year. This year her birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving so she gets screwed with all the cooking. I figure the least we can do is the clean up. She will probably threaten us with pizza again.

I hope everyone has the camera batteries charged and ready for tomorrow. I expect to see some great holiday pictures!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Gobble Gobble!

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