Saturday, November 22, 2008

Double The Fun

My boot socks are almost done. I finished the first one the other night and even managed to talk myself through the kitchener stitch with out help from the book. It only took me a dozen pairs of socks to make it stick in my head. Yes that firs sock is a little stretched out from my fat foot, and yes it is a little on the big side. I am thinking maybe the next pair I might have to use fewer stitches. This one was 52 on size 3's, but I think 48 would be a better fit since the yarn is a much bigger gauge than I usually use for socks. (Gauge??? Who checks gauge???)

And since I have sooo much of this yarn, and since the boy asked me if I had his scarf, which I probably do and can't find, I decided to make him a new scarf - apparently he now sees the wisdom in scarf wearing after all these years. This one should make for a nice toasty scarf for Bingo walking.

Simple moss stitch with double stranded Andean Treasure
Size 10 1/2 needles
Last year I weeded out my closet and gave my winter coats to the homeless shelter intending to buy a new coat this year. I found myself freezing my patutie off these last couple of weeks walking Brodie. Yesterday I was on a quest to find a super warm coat. I finally found one at Kohls last night, 50% off plus another 10% off that...Life is good!!! Unfortunately they did not have any warm coats that covered my butt, but at least the wind doesn't go through it (the coat not my butt) and it sure beats that little windbreaker thing I've been wearing.  Brodie however seems to think the hood is some kind of new toy because he keeps trying to grab the fur.

Oh yeah... and I did finally find Kelpy's birthday present. I started with the unlikely places and found it in the linen closet...of all places. I must have hid it there when she was coming over...LOL

I bought this at an Esty shop and it is absolutely even more beautiful in person. The wood is so smooth it is like glass. I think I am going to get one for myself too.

Brodie got a new toy too yesterday. Auntie Kelpy and Uncle Twiggy bought him a new stuffy to play with and it's not even Christmas yet. A little white wooly puppy dog from Milkbone. These things are so well made that their dogs haven't unstuffed them yet and they've had them for a year. Right now his running all over the house with his new baby in his mouth.

See... I am not the only one that spoils him.
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