Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Did you know...

That Doctor Oz says dark chocolate is good for you skin? So I looked it up on Web MD and they didn't say anything about making your skin look good but they did say that dark chocolate can reduce high blood pressure (ya know - one of those double blind study things). And not to leave it at that I also checked Diabetes Heath and they said it helps control blood glucose levels as well as reducing cholesterol! SWEET! Guilt free chocolate!!! Diabetics Rejoice!
I did wonder why it was that I could have a piece of dark chocolate and have no ill effects from it but any other candy (like my favorite gummy bears) make me want to crawl right back into bed. 
...just thought I'd share that.

Brodie tried to help me with this scarf and I had to re-weave the whole thing! Since I had been procrastinating on the sewing segment of this project, I guess I deserved that one. Once I had it woven again, I sewed elastic thread through the cords to hold it together. This one is now in the hand wash pile!

I finished my Alien Scarf too while I was off. It isn't a very long one like I usually make, but since I bought the yarn over a year ago I figured getting the same dye lot would be impossible. Especially since a Raveler contacted me about buying what I had in my stash. it is wide enough and long enough to tie around my neck so allgood. 

Having finished that alien was enough to give me leave to finally start my jacket kit that I bought from Philosophers Wool. I have to say, their directions leave a lot to be desired. They give you this great photo of a completed set, you buy it because you really like the colors, then they give you bare basic directions and no color schematics! WHAT THE HELL! 

So here I am with 8 different colors and have to figure out my own color scheme. I am not what you'd call a math wizard. but I am opting for the Fibonacci method of striping and hoping it works out ok. 
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