Monday, October 27, 2008

My new Green Hat!

Ya'll know I am a Doctor Who fan, so the fact that I have been looking for a pattern of a hat I saw on one of the episodes should not be too much of a surprise. Freeya Agyeman wore in the Human Nature episode, not much out there in the way of patterns anymore thanks to BBC yanking them due to some supposed copy write infringements. One of the Who-ites from Ravelry found this one for me. It is not the same as the tam Freeya wore but close enough to satisfy me.

Now you're thinking... "she must be color blind, that hat is red!" True enough, it the color is red, but the yarn is green.
I was at Wal-Mart (which fairly sucks) yesterday to pick up some odds and ends plus some yarn I needed for the Special Olympic Scarf Project, when I decided to grab some Caron for this hat. This happens to be a Caron Soft Eco which is made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic bottles! I did not even know they made a green yarn... very exciting to me!

Now for the sucky part...Apparently Wal-Mart is discontinuing their yarn. Almost all of the yarn was discounted in shopping carts and what little was left on the shelf was all marked down to 2 dollars. Good for my pocket book but not so good for my crafting urges. They barely have any material left either.

Here is the specs on the hat:
Yarn-Caron Soft Eco - Wine country
Sizes J and H hooks
Pattern -Human Nature Tam by Melissa Hart

This pattern was easy enough to finish in one day. I found it had an interesting way of decreasing. Instead of skipping a stitch, she as a crochet 2 together, like a knit decrease. Obviously written by a knitter...LOL

I also finished my Tilted Blocks scarf Saturday night while I hung out with Kelpy. I suppose I will have to find another take-a-long project.

See here.. I told you Brodie this this is his blankie. He has begun sitting in my little antique rocker when I leave the house. I have caught him sitting here on a few occasions when I came back in. I think he is going to be said when this one goes out the door.

So what else did I do this weekend? Well Brodie had a bath on Saturday which highly entertaining for me.
I tried to upload the video of him drying himself off but I couldn't get it in the right spot.

Sunday I tore my new contact so it was back to glasses till I can go to the eye doc again today (bummers).
We also went to the old house so Brodie could run around off leash. The two house's sit on 4 acres so it is lots of doggie yard to play in.
I had to buy him another frisbee yesterday because his other one is lost. At first he did not want to touch the new one but I managed to coax him into it. I can't imagine where is old one is. It is his favorite toy, and I searched under every piece of furniture for it.

Here he is lightening fast running away from me with the Frisbee.

Both of us got a work out yesterday, especially after I let him off leash at home last night and I had to chase him a full block after he snagged a piece of unknown type meat the ignorant S.O.B. upstairs threw out on the lawn. Little man was sent to his room after that one!

Now off to the eye doc so I can loose the spectacles again.
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