Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hat time again!

The change in seasons is clearly upon us now. This is my favorite time of year, I love when the leaves change and the air is crisp. Brodie is completely fascinated with the fallen leaves and is driving me up a wall wanting to go outside and play. He spends a good part of the day begging to go out, and running circles around me in the yard, tasting leaves.

With the colder weather here, I am reminded again of those less fortunate. So I dug around in my sewing supplies for the fleece remnants I bought earlier in the year and dragged out my sewing machine (one of the best Christmas presents ever). I cut the fleece into 23x15 inch rectangles and made some simple hats for my homeless project. Last year I knitted several hats and scarves to donate to my local homeless shelter, but this year I decided that it would be much quicker to sew fleece hats instead. I just felt like I could potentially cover more heads that way.

The economy being what it is today, I fear there will be even more people on the streets here than ever. Even though I am living in a frugal state right now, (by choice) I have the ability to help out where I can. Most people have their pet charities, this one happens to be mine. I think that is probably due to the number of homeless people I see in my line of work so I am very conscious of the fact while I sit inside my nice warm home, there are several someone's out there with no shelter at all. Here are the three that I made so far today. No way I could have knitted three in one afternoon.

While I'm not a completely altruistic person, I still have a selfish streak. I work darn hard for my toys and I am fairly accustomed to buying what I want when I want it. This happens to be one of those times. I found this little beauty at an Etsy shop. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I knew that I could never have one while I lived with Mr. Narrow-Minded, but here in my own abode... well you get the picture.
What is that you ask?? This just happens to be a hand thrown stoneware French butter dish.

See...butter is packed into the smaller bowl, cold water into the larger bowl.

Then you place the lid on top, like so... This keeps your butter on the counter and spreadable for up to three weeks. Isn't it pretty??? I think our predecessors knew a thing or two. I also prefer to support independent artisans when ever possible, hence the reason I shop Etsy.

Yesterday I got my ears lowered! That's what my dad always called it. I told my friend Nikki that the cute do she gave me last time is the same do that everybody has...I need something different. Since the back was short and stacked I had her blend in the rest of it. Short Sassy and Curly...since that is the way my hair wants to behave anyway (she wanted to do sleek, but straightening these curls is a high maintenance job). I also had my pink extension put in for the Pink Hair for Hope Breast Cancer campaign. I know, kinda hard to see amongst the red curls but she put is the brightest pink she has.

Brodie also had his own campaign going yesterday. To start with, I made the fatal error in thinking he needed to sleep with me. Then he tried waking me up several times between the hours of 2 am and 7 am, which I naturally ignored. And while I was ignoring him, Brodie got himself off the bed and began to terrorize the house.
My fault for thinking he would stay put til a reasonable hour, my fault for being too lazy to throw away my Happy Meal container, my fault for leaving my knitting in an accessible spot, my fault for leaving the closet door open.

He was having a hay day! All over the living room was shredded cardboard, stuffing from one of his babies, itty bitty pieces of one of my hair clips stolen from the dresser, a dowel rod stolen from the closet looking like it had been through a shredder, and I am now one size 8 bamboo DPN short of a complete set.

He appears to be well over his little snit now doesn't he. Clearly he is not ready to sleep in the big bed, especially since he can get on and off by himself now.

But he does lay very nicely on my lap while I knit now, so we are making progress in that area.
And making progress on the Icord scarf. I have the 4 cords finished and started on the contrasting color for the weft cord. It needs to be 200 inches long so I am not even half way there yet...and oh boy, by the time you get to this one you are bored to tears with the monotony of it. I can't wait to be finished with it.

My WIP basket is getting a little too full and my WIP list a little too long so I am going to promise myself some project finishing for the month of October.
Now... back to my sewing machine.
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