Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cord Trick

Weaving the icords was something of a challenge. I quickly realized I was going to have to do this in an ass backward fashion. Appropriate really since that is how I do most things. Instead of weaving normally with the weft cord, I laid the 200 inch cord across the four cords and wove the red alternately over the gold. All the while pushing the little guy out of the way each time I moved a cord. He seemed to think it a game.

For all intents and purposes-this scarf is done, until I can make a trip to the fabric store for clear elastic. I have it basted together at the ends but I still have to sew in the elastic cording to tighten it up. That will have to wait for a day off because, like book stores, I tend to lose myself in fabric stores.

I also need to pick out some more fleece for homeless hats since I used up everything I had in my sewing stash. I will have to make sure I pick up some fleece suitable for the kids too, Raine and Ethan would be upset if Mimi did not make them some hats too, especially since Uncle Twiggy got to have one.

I finally cleaned up the mess I had made of my Alien Scarf and it is now back to where I was after frogging half an alien face. My goal for October is to finish up some of these WIP's I have laying around. I feel like I can finally move forward with the alien now that it has been corrected.

Of course I could not resist starting another scarf! I am addicted to them! Thanks to Kelp I have a host of patterns begging to be knit. The problem with that will be that I will have to buy more yarn to make them. Most of my stash is sock yarn, and right now, I am in scarf mode.

This scarf is such an easy one and so cool looking, it is done in garter stitch so it qualifies as mindless knitting. After each square, I bind off 5 stitches and cast on 5 more at the end of that row, then just knit with my eyes closed. The yarn is some Noro that I picked up at Stitches this year. It is a darker blend so the colors are a little hard to see.

Frugal Living!
I have been looking at my finances this week and examining ways of cutting back on extravagances. since I never watch TV, I cut back my Uverse subscription to the smallest package, just in case I get bored and need to watch some boob tube. I have barely turned the thing on over the last two weeks to poof...gone. What is the point of paying for something that I don't watch. Then there is that Damned Iphone that I let Jackass twist my arm into buying. I hate the thing! It is too heavy and I don't use 90 percent of the features, so I checked to see when I can upgrade... And Woo Hoo I can get rid of that stupid phone!
Kinda funny when you think about it, I got a lesser phone and I call it it an upgrade. I should get my new phone in a couple of days, that will save me $15 buck right off the bat on my bill.
My biggest expense is frivolous shopping. I am pretty darned good at it. I love to shop ( not that damned grocery shopping thing) but the fun shopping. It is going to be tough but I can be frugal if I have to. I want something big...really big, and to get it I will have to have to learn to tell myself no. Quite a feat when one is used to buy what ever one wants!

Can you guess what the big thing is?? It is a house sillys! I want my own place where I can hang my hat and not worry about if the guy upstairs is going to throw food out on the lawn every night. Or if I am going to have a parking place when I get home from work.
I work with some really money savy people, or in other words... really cheap people, and I have been getting lots of advise on how to be a cheap ass...LOL

I have already felt myself tempted by some really pretty earrings I saw on HSN yesterday...but I prevailed! I have about a year to get my act together, but I feel confidant that I can do it! BTW...purchases done in the name of charity do not count...hence the reason I am guilt free over the second pink extension I am getting this week. ;)
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