Friday, October 17, 2008

Woven Plaid Afghan Pattern

This has been a horrendous week, more family tragedies that I won't go into, nor can I handle writing about. Suffice it to say, all that I have accomplished are these pictures TN Dawn requested of the woven plaid.

Super Duper Easy pattern for you crocheting gals out there. One thing you'll learn about me is that I improvise alot!  No clue where the original pattern came from, I only remember Kelp had the pattern and it had more colors than I wanted to use. My personal preference is for only three colors. It makes a good solid plaid, and this, like I said is my third big blankie. Kelpy has made several baby sized ones that turn out absolutely beautiful. 

I am not much of a pattern writer - but here goes.

It starts out with a chain, however wide you want it to be ( I think this one is 54x70 ish if I remember right). Double crochet in the 5th chain from hook then in every other chain to the end of the row with one chain inbetween. Chain 4 and turn, Double Crochet in each DC and CH in between each stitch. This makes the holes you weave through. 

Work 6 rows of your main color, 4 rows of a contrasting color, 2 rows of an accent color.
Repeat this pattern till your desired length- it should look something like this.

To weave the cross threads (when your finished crocheting of course) Begin by cutting your yarn to the length of the afghan plus about 12 inches. Each cross row is made using 3 strands of each color, begining with the main color, and follow the crocheted pattern of 6 rows of main color, 4 rows contrast color, 2 rows of accent color.
Thread three strands (same color yarn) on a tapestry needle, weave lengthwise through the holes in and out through alternating holes to the end of the afghan leaving about 6 inches on each end for the fringe. The following row, weave in the opposite holes from the previous row. 

Once you have a couple of colors done you will begin to see the plaid pattern start to form. The final step once you have woven the entire blanket is to knot your ends. I knot every two rows together and only on one end of the blanket. Once you have finished knotting one entire side, spread your blanket out and give it a good tug to make sure it is evened out at the other end, then proceed to finish knotting. Trim your fringe to desires length and Viola! Easy plaid!

Like this one ;) Color possiblities are endless!

Other than those pictures, very little else was accomplished week. A trip to the dentist today for a root canal (which hurts like hell now) and I got the bad news, of needing another one in the near future, must be the season for them hey Dawn? New eyeballs, which were another challenge for me today, multi vision contacts. I hope that works out because I detest wearing glasses! and now to take more pain killers.

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