Friday, October 24, 2008

A Finished Weave!

Finally it is done!!!! I told you if I picked it up off of the floor I would forget about it and that is exactly what happened. I folded it up because company came over, then it was several more days before I forced myself to take it out again.

Sunday after Brodie and I drove around looking at townhome subdivisions in the area, I stood and looked at it all folded up on the chair for a few minutes then resolved to finish it that day. 

You know how when you like a pattern alot ( or at least the result if not the process) and you make several of the same kind, but by the time your on your 3 or 4th one you hate making them?? Well that is what happened here, I burned out on it. But now it is done and I can admire my handiwork.
Brodie seems to think Momma made it for him. He has laid on it every time I tried to work on it. I had to keep moving him out of the way several times while I wove. I keep telling him this one is not his but he isn't buying it.

Necessary purchases: This book - I can't believe I'm Lace Knitting and 4 skeins of yarn from Knitpicks. This does not fall under the heading of taboo shopping, simply because I say so. I have had this book on my wish list for a while, plus it was on sale for 40% off, and they yarn I bought for specific hat projects I have been wanting to make. The $130 I just spent at Ulta on a new make up line (Garden Botanika)  was necessary too ;) ( a girl has to look good -right?).

These gorgeous trees are right across the street from my station at our Village Hall. I just had to have a picture for the computer. I just love fall! The trees  of my apartment are practically bare already, it is kinda sad but I still have plenty of beautify scenery to look at on my way to work. 
Brodie is loving fall too, he gets so distracted outside chasing the leaves in the breeze he sometimes forgets to go potty. It is hysterical watching him. I can hardly wait til the snow flies so I can watch him play in it. (hence the reason I need to make more hats)

Autumn is the cooking season!! I am not real big on the kitchen aspect of homemaking but I do occasionally cook...and here is the proof!! Last weekend was crying out for Hamburger Soup to soothe the bite in the air. That seems to be my first kitchen task of the season, since apple picking did not happen this year for me. I'm thinking of a making a batch of chicken soup this weekend and freezing some to take to work. I actually cook more now than when I was with Mark, probably because I appreciate my efforts, even when it doesn't turn out...LOL 

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