Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not so photogenic

CA Dawn played this evil trick... She tagged me with a Right Now meme!

Wants a picture of me right now... no hair combing, no fixing the make up, what if I was in my jammas?? It is one thing to walk my dog looking like something the cat dragged in but quite another to broadcast it on the Internet. *shudders*

Ok... I'm game, just remember- you asked for it!, that's not it

Crap! That didn't work either!

Yep... that was a great shot of the top of my head!

Ok- I'm going to pee my self now... good thing nobody is here to see this.

Damn! How do these kids do this!

Ok...This is obviously as good as it gets!

As you can see I already wearing my Halloween costume....LOL This is me Dawn... pretending to be a dispatcher after a 12 hour shift, while catching up on my blog reading. Self portraits with a camera phone...not so easy.

By the way Dawn... I think you cheated with your glamour shot.
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