Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me :)

I wasn't going to mention it, but yes...I had another birthday (dammit), that was yesterday. CA Dawn seemed to feel the need to shout it from the Redwood treetops. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I have some pretty great friends!!

Inquiring minds want to know-how I spent my birthday. Well, to start with, I sat in my little girlie recliner in my jammas and read these two paranormal type romances. Nope- no kilts on the cover but very nice washboards doncha think? I love when a little paranormal is thrown into a plot.

I got this awesome book from Kelp. Knitting New Scarves. I had just been looking at this one the other day on line and I can't wait to start some of them already. And Berni gave me a gift certificate for some happy feet...what could be better!
I got lots of calls and text messages from Jackass' family. ( I am so glad I get to keep them ). My own brother must be at too advanced of an age to remember the baby sister's birthday because I did not get a call from him. That's ok, I am used to it, he rarely has remembered to call - I think it depresses him that I am getting older.

Here is my Happy Birthday to Me prezzie. I have been without a printer since I moved because Sarah was in more need of one than I, so she inherited my other HP. I broke down finally and bought one on Saturday. I am all about wireless connections, and this one certainly fit the bill.
I haven't opened it yet because I was trying to decided if I was going to have buyers remorse or not. I looked online today and saw that the price actually went up from the $119 I paid for it to $ I guess I'll keep it for that kind of a bargain.

Sometimes an ex-boyfriend can be a pretty good friend and shopping buddy. PL stopped by on Saturday and went shopping with me at Sam's. We both bought one of these...(we always did have a lot in common). No- it is not just any old back pack, it is a hydration back pack for hikers. I always carry a bottle of water with me when I hike, and keep a bottle of water with a banana in the truck for after- I have learned that exercise and diabetes requires a lot of water (kind of a pain in the ass really). This pack will hold 2 liters of water, more than enough for me and Brodie, plus it is light on the back and has tons of pockets for my Ipod, cell phone, pepper spray and snackage.
I just got a call today, PL wants to go back to Sam's. His girlfriend liked his so much she wants one now :) I'm game for more shopping, especially when it is someone else's money ;)

Brodie had a busy day yesterday, when the kids came over they brought their puppy who is a month older than Brodie. He spent the afternoon terrorizing poor Herbie and ran himself out. He was still re cooperating today. I think he is finally learning that this is his corner of the couch when Momma is knitting.

I did start a new project ( to hell with that damn Koolhaas... I screwed it up again!)
I started (multiple times) this Smoke ring pattern. This is actually my first time knitting with a yarn a smaller gauge than sock yarn. I also discovered that Denise needles fairly suck when it comes to fingerweight yarn. The yarn drags on the needles and it was so difficult to knit I finally gave up. Screw that too! I want some Options....does anyone have reviews on them? I would love to have all Addi's but who can afford that!! I am tossing between the Harmony's and Options interchangeables... what do you think??? The Harmony's sure are pretty!
I borrowed Kelps 16 inch Addis and have now reached my third row of the lace chart with no special design features! And my Brodie proof yarn keeper ball is working out great!

There was a time when birthday's were to be spend partying as had and long as possible...(29 was a great year!) But now my idea of a great birthday is laying around doing just about as little as possible. A dinner date would be nice too, but I am pretty content to lay around with a book or two in my jamma's on my birthday.
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