Monday, September 08, 2008

Blogger Hell Week!

My blog blew up! WTF!! I had some wonky-ness happening here this week. I log on and there is some crazy ugliness from Photobucket saying I have exceeded my bandwidth, and it is posted all over my blog! WHAT?? I don't even use Photobucket!!! Then I finally realized the images for my template must be hosted there.
As you can see, I had to scrap my template and apply a generic one while I figure out what to do next. I am soooo sick of looking at templates, and wish I knew how to make my own. I have IWeb on my Macbook but not a clue how to use it. I really need to sign up for some lessons at the Apple Store!

Saturday was my Pampered Chef Party and all the girls all came over for it. This was the first PC Party I ever attended where the cooking part was group participation! Lots of fun, and I thought the consultant was terrific.

Sometimes my nature is too good. I let that boy's sisters use my sewing machine to make him a valance for his new place, (OK, well he did buy it for me).
How many women does it take to make one valance?? Well in this case it took three! Kelp who claims she can sew a straight line...Kare who can sew a straight line but can't see squat, and under protest, me... ( I happen to have really good magnifiers). I protested the entire time because I really hate to do something for someone who does not appreciate it. And frankly, I don't think he deserves assistance from any one of us. But there you have it. Damned if my good nature won out over good sense and I took pity the two girls and finished sewing the valance. I did turn out pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Evil knitting alert... remember the fingerless gloves I made for him in April during the flight to Vegas?? Weell he ain't gettin' them!

I haven't done didly squat with the Smoke Ring and couldn't wait to dive into the crazy scarf book I got from Kelpy for my birthday, so I started this funky business. Super easy, all make from Icord and I could sit and mindless knit! Much needed zen after the whole Blogger fiasco this week.

Remember that yarn I was using for Koolhaas??? well I found a better use for it. I have a ton of it from Knit Picks (Wool of the Andes in Iron Ore) and will have enough for the hat too, that's if I decide to tackle it again.
Sunday I gave my son in law a honey-do list. Had him hang some shelves for me ;)

Brodie has his own little shelf of goodies now near the door. Saves wear and tear on my antique humidor where I was piling his leashes.

And Gary's wall is now complete! I'm getting there with the decor but to be honest with you I am not all that interested in making it look too cute in here since I don't plan on staying.

I dug these bells out of my Christmas stuff a while ago because little Brodie is so Ninja quiet that I had to come up with an audible method of communication for when he wants to go outside (as apposed to telepathy).

The little bugger has this method down pat! He very loudly rings those bells for everything...I want to go potty....there's doggies outside and I want to play....there's kids outside and I want to play...I just want to go out and chase the butterflies...Aunt Debbie pulled up in her school bus and want to go play with her. You name it and he rings it!
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