Monday, September 15, 2008

What knitting?

Not a darn bit of knitting going on here... I have been too engrossed in the newest Karen Marie Moning Fever series. Silly really since I had downloaded the audio books, that is the whole purpose for them as fair as I am concerned. Completely addictive series!

I did get to play with my new printer today. I picked out some choice family photos and printed them all in sepia. Kinda of a cool swirly thing isn't it. I can change photos and move them around at will. Of course now I am all out of the color ink cartridge that came with it, so I will have to make a trip to the store tonite. While I am on my Pampered Chef delivery rounds.

I just took the little wild man out and he seems to think that He needs to walk me instead of me walking him.
Never ever try to grab the cord of a retractable leash when your puppy is running at mach 5!
The damn thing burned a crease right into my finger!

My cry of Owww!! ( and some other choice expletives) did make him pause finally. What a sweet face... who would guess there lurks a madman behind that sweet expression. The silly pup runs so fast that when he reaches the end of his leash his whole body does a flip in the air. I really need to take him to the forest preserve to run off some of that excessive energy.

Maybe I will start working on some of those WIP's now that I have piling up around the house.
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