Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got the finger!

There I was on Monday, driving down the road and delivering all the Pampered Chef goodies from my party, minding my own bleep bleep business when I turned the corner (albeit a little to0 sharp) and passed this big black truck when I glanced to my left ( as one does while driving) and I see this hand swing across the driver and flip me the bird!!

Stunned... It took me a minute to realized just who that was! I would recognize that pudgy finger anywhere!! Even if I had not seen the face of the driver. My first thought was, what a jackass and grow up for God's sake! And then as realization sunk in, Oh I see he has not grown up any in the last three months. Of all the ignorant, immature, uncouth behavior!!! Thank you for re-enforcing why I moved out! If he had not flipped me off I would not have even realized it was him, the fool.

I actually happened to be on my way to his sisters house in fact, which just happens to be down the road from where he now lives. I suppose it was inevitable that I pass him on the road, and inevitable that I get the finger from him. If the man has not matured in the last 10 or 12 years that I have known him, I guess it was unrealistic to expect mature behavior from him after a mere 3 months. Here is a thought... You're 41 Jackass...isn't it time to grow up??

For someone to say "Oh I am sure he did not mean it that way"... Get Real! What other freakin' way is there to mean it??? His own sisters don't even defend him, and generally I get a big hoorah for having "finally grown some balls". I always find that one a bit amusing, and I always reply with, "no I didn't grow any, I just brought them home from work"....LOL

Needless to say, I did not loose any sleep over it, and that is a sure sign I stayed too long! No tears, no missing him (just Bingo and my big doggie yard). In then end I found I was more than ready to put an end the constant humiliation and selfishness.

How I spent my sick day yesterday...yes that is right, I burned a sick day. Not something I really like to do, I always figure they are there for emergencies. But yesterday I was feeling, out of sorts. Out of sorts doesn't really describe it but I was not not so steady on my feet and generally felt like shit!
I spent the day on my couch listening to the third installment of Karen Marie Monings Fever series...(you know audio books is a weakness of mine right?) I won't spoil it for anyone but it is wrong wrong wrong to not have a fourth book ready when the third book is a huge cliff hanger!
You better write fast Karen....I can't stand the suspense.

And I did a little bit of knitting...I quickly realized I was not able to concentrate on anything complected so I put the Vertigo scarf down after only two pattern repeats. Am I never to finish this one??? Way too tedious for fine gauge yarn! I shall have to think of something to make it go quicker, perhaps making the vertigo pattern the middle of the scarf and adding ending it with something quicker? Pick up stitches at the beginning and garter the rest of it??? What do you think?

I only have two more icords to make for the Woven Cords scarf. One more in the Iron Ore and then one really long one in gold for the woven part of it. I think it will turn out pretty cool. I love mindless knitting, and this is a great way to use up some of my stash and end up with a funky scarf.

And yesterday that very nice Mr. Mailman brought me my Options needles!! Yeah Mr. Mailman! The zipper was broke on the case however so I called Knit Picks right away. The lady says to me "Oh I see that this is your first order with us" HUH? I don't know where she got that information. So I said "actually, no I order from you guys all the time. "
Seriously... I should have stock in the company for as much stuff as I order from them. Must have been the new email address that threw her off. They are going to send me a new case of course. In the meantime I just won't zip.

Sarah sent this to me today... Raine is in the Pink again. Wow it is that time of year already??? I better high tail it over to Berni's shop (Nails Under the Sun and Nikki's Place) and get my Pink Hair for Hope. I can't believe Raine beat me to it this year.

I thought you might enjoy a Brodie/Bingo flashback. What a good dog Bingo is, just letting the puppy walk all over him... I miss the big old hound.

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