Friday, September 26, 2008

Time for a commercial break...

I was severely reminded last night when I got to work by my co-worker, that I have been remiss in my blog duties. First off she acted like I was gone forever. I had a class at the Sheriff's Department on Monday, and my two normal days off. Monday was kinda like a day off since the class was fun and we got out early.

I had a nice family impromptu dinner with my brother and his family Monday night ( it pays to show up around dinner time.)
My brother is inflicted with the same disease (diabetes) I have ( infact I blame him for mine), so I was none too happy to find out he had been power washing his fence and had not eaten all day. Of course he felt like crap!!! Duh!! And of course I scolded him....every four hours we need to eat to keep our glucose balanced, and to watch what we eat, which he doesn't. He always looks at me funny when I scold him, probably because I am the much younger baby sister and he isn't used to it...hehe

Little Brodie went with me naturally, big brother has a fenced in yard where he can play to his hearts content. that is when his older cousin Charlie is not growling and chasing him. Charlie is such a sweet dog that I cannot fathom why he doesn't like Brodie, but after a while they are fine together. I should have taken a picture of them but it is hard to take a picture of a puppy constantaly hiding behind you.

Tuesday the kids came over for a visit. Sarah got herself a little car and now has transport. I have been watching the papers to help them find a place closer to me :)
I told them no more of this living out in the sticks where Jesus lost his sandals. I much prefer the 10 minute ride to their house rather than the drive to the ends of the earth trip they subject me to.

Wednesday I didn't do squat! Read a couple of steamy books, and not much else than that was going on besides that.
I guess time tends to slip away when one is immersed in a good book set in a far away land ;)

The rest of my days were spent working... and don't ask me what I did all last week because I think all I did was read and more work of course...boring! I did not even realize I had not posted anything until I was yelled at. I haven't been sick, just lost in another time and place...LOL

Here is a cool tidbit... well to me not so much of a tidbit. Most people who know me, know that I like rocks. I have a small collection of rocks, (small bolders some of them) so when I saw this on Yahoo News... I was pretty excited about it!

Yah... you're probably looking at this thinking someone cracked me over the head with that pick. Well let me tell you...this is the OLDEST ROCK ON EARTH!!!! To me that is very exciting! This rock as been dated at 4.28 billion years old. The Earth is estimated at 4.6 billion years old.
That is amazing! It was found on the eastern shores of Hudson Bay. I have a chunk of Canada in my house and it is the color of the darker portion of that rock, but I am pretty sure it is not nearly as old. Boy what I would give to just touch that rock... Could you imagine owning a piece of that rock?

Dawn awarded me with this prize. Thank you!! I needed this to remind me that I was not just talking to myself ;) Blog awards are ever-so-much fun.

Here are the rules:
If you've already received the award, great! That means you really, really deserve it! And feel free to pass it on again!
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!
Here are my nominations:

Irish Eyes
Kelp Knits
Bumpy Doink
Knit and Tonic
Irish Girlie Knits
Two Black Sheep

I decided it would be cheating to tag people Dawn already tagged, so here is a semi fresh batch of other blogs I love.

Now to run off and actually tag them...
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