Friday, August 15, 2008

Ravelympics Day 8

Eight days into the Ravelympics and I feel like I am nearly there. I still have a long way to go on my Vertigo scarf but I think I have made some good progress on it. The fine gauge of the yarn makes the progress slow, and reading the chart makes my eyes bleed after awhile. When I looked at this picture, it kinda looks like I messed up my repeats right in the middle. I think I'm gonna call that a design feature! I am starting to get the hang of the chart and it is starting to flow a little better.

I had to start another dishcloth to give my eyes and fingers a break from the Vertigo. I still had some yarn left from my torched Paintbox kit so I decided to use it up on another Ballband. This is not part of the Ravelympics but I enjoyed the pattern and it was east to memorize. I really like the feel of this yarn and the colors are so vibrant, it is almost a shame to waste it on something I am going to wash dishes with. I think I am going to look for some yarn like it when I go to Stitches next weekend.

I have three Tribbles down and two more to go. These really are mindless and take no time at all. I can do these when I am half asleep with no worries.

I made some really good headway while I was off those four days. Actually- really we can count only three days off because yesterday was a total bust as far as knitting is concerned.To start with I took Brodie to the vet, and since it is walk in vet (no appointments) you have to get there by 8 am to get on the list for when they open at 9 am and if your lucky you might be out of there by 10:30. I was so I considered my self lucky...LOL
He now has had the rest of his baby dog shots and is good to go and all nice and legal. Usually I would knit while I waited outside with Bingo ( he yowls so I could never take him in and wait-too embarrassing and annoying). But with Brodie I did not bring my knitting, I sat inside with him and we concentrated on being a quiet and well behaved doggie in a room full of other doggies that he wanted to play with. I think he did very well, only barked out twice and was fairly patient. He had some difficulty sitting still as it was all very exciting to him. But all in all he did very well!

After I dropped him off at home, I ended up grocery shopping (ugh). It is actually getting easier to shop for just myself. Other than fresh veggies, I should not have to make that trip for at least two months now...LOL
Not my favorite type of shopping, as you can guess. By the time I got done running around it was late and I was hungry. Culver's here I come!!! 1-Baconburger deluxe basket with a root beer float please.......errrkkkk Ok let's scratch root beer float off my list of things I can have. I am really not happy about it but, that along with the carbs and fat from a fast food burger (even though they are really really good ) was a not so good combo for my glucose levels, and then I passed out for the rest of the day. I consider sleeping a waste of time, and I always figure I can sleep when I am dead, but the body is weak and thinks otherwise.

Here are the current stats on Team TARDIS

233 members

600 projects
with 95 completed
It looks like we may have lost someone from our team because I was for sure the member count was 235... I will have to go back and have a look-see.

Ravelympic Stats:
16098 projects from 5619 Ravelers

Check out Ravelympics on YouTube!

Time to go update my side bar with some more medals. ;)

Knit on!
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