Monday, August 11, 2008

Ravelympic Progress

What did I do on my day off??? Made my big butt bigger, that's what!! Two more dishcloths to pass the finish line. The first one was the Ballband dishcloth I really liked this pattern. It makes good use of those little partial skeins of yarn. I have some yellow and orange that is left over from my Paintbox kit that got torched that I plan on using up with this pattern. I like it has nubbies too. Nubbies make great face scrubbers too.
It turned out to be good training for my Vertigo Scarf, even though this pattern did not have a chart.

Now the Awareness Ribbon pattern was charted and spelled out, so in a sense - I cheated. I followed the spelled pattern instead of the chart.
Kellie came over and while I worked on my dishcloth, she worked on her multi-directional diagonal scarf. No she did not join Ravelympics...claimed she did not have time...what-ever!! I think I was the one with the 24 hours of overtime during the last two weeks!
I can't really say anything because she has been busy, her boss just had a baby and she crocheted a blanket for her, and Kel (Kelpy on Ravelry) has a brand new grandson that she has been trying to finish up a blanket for too. And yes I know there isn't a damn thing on her blog yet, that is because I have been trying to reel her into Bloggerland and she just is not quite there yet.

You can see where I discovered a boo boo and I had to ladder down several rows to turn three purls into knits. That's what I get for having a gab fest.

I think it turned out really well. The yarn is part of a left over cone of Lily cotton from when I made the bath mat. I had made that double stranded so I have two cones that are about half full to use up. That is alot of dishcloths!

I have my post it note marking the spot on my Vertigo pattern so I don't loose my place, and since Brodie is having a snooze, now might be a good time to work on it.

I have been doing a bit of blog-keeping. You might have noticed some of the changes, Dawn hooked me up with the code for the cool F/O slide show. I was being Wee Todd Did about the whole thing and had to ask for help. I added my Ravelympic Medals to the side bar too. ( No help needed for that one...LOL) Blogger has a new blog roll widget, very cool! It lets you know when the last updates are so it makes it easier for me to keep up with the news.

Oh and I played with this cool toy last night. This is a word cloud I made from my blog...ok I did not actually have to type all those words, I just RRS'd it and wtched it fill in. Go here and play for yourselves.

I do not expect to have another project finished by tomorrow, but I am now 4 down now with 3 more to go. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
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