Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ravelympics 2008 Commenced!

Clearly I am belonging to Team TARDIS!! For those of you who are not Doctor Who Junkies (Which just seems crazy to me)... TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space.

Here are some Team TARDIS stats for you:
Projects: 602
Completed as of this post: 34

That is absolutely AMAZING!! Who would have ever guessed that so many people could fit into one little blue Police Box!!!  I believe we are the Largest Team in the Ravelympics!

If your on Ravelry- this is me during the Ravelympics!

I did rise early for the start of the even.. I was going to start on my biggest project the Vertigo Scarf. As per usual... Nothing I ever plan goes the way I think it will....

Here I sit in my comfy recliner with woman's best friend lying peacefully (for a change) and my feet. I can feel his sweet puppy fur on my bare feet as I concentrate on my never before tried slip stitch pattern... When all of a sudden my mommy radar kicked in!

I should have known better!!! My little man had somehow gotten a hold of my nicely wound ball of yarn and was trying to rip it to shreds right at my very feet!  WTF!!!

"What Mom.... I don't know what your talking about."  How innocent he tries to look.

Alright... As I Was!.. I don't have time for this today, go I grab a ball of cotton and start on my petal dishcloth. Since work demands and early (and very long) day. I was only able to get about half done before I had to hoof it.
Brodie set the precedence for the day. I was busy at work from start to well past finished. One cluster case after another. 10-50 (that is a vehicle accident for you laymen), suspicious auto, suspicious person, oh yes, and lets not forget the man with a gun call at Chase Bank! Boy That was an adrenaline pumper!! Thankfully that turned out to be a man with a silver cell phone.  Follow that up with  woman with five children ages 2 1/5 through 6 that were homeless. 
Needless to say I did not get home on time. Nor did I get to watch any part of the Beijing Opening Ceremonies.

I did sit down to watch several SG 1 episodes that I had recorded and finished one project, all but the binding off at 0300 hours (again- that is 3 am for you laymen  ;).

Whoot!!!! First project across the finish line!! to work again I go.

How's that lace coming Dawn??
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