Sunday, August 10, 2008

RAVELYMPICS 2008 Continued

Not that I expect to beable to finish a project a day, it would be nice but I am a basicly realistic person. I know your all thinkin' Yah Right! Hey...I do not have as many projects planned as some out there for the Ravelympics. 

I do have a four dayer coming up starting tomorrow so that should help out. 
Here is my second project across the finish line!! Chinese Waves Dishcloth. Not a great feat but a useful one.  Anyone who has ever owned a cotton hand made dishcloth knows they are the best thing since sliced bread!  This was a very quickie pattern, a simple slip and knit. Definitely one I will make again.
A nice way to finish off a cone too. I had just enough to make this one from a leftover cone of cotton (Sugar n Cream). This is turning out to be a great stash burner.

Less guilt for when I am "replenishing" at Stitches on the 23rd.

I was able to cast on my Vertigo Scarf again, and again. Brodie did me a favor by making such a mess of the first ball of yarn. I set that one aside to deal with later and started with the second ball. I got up to the 4 row of the chart and took a good look at what I had done. I think I am getting the hang of this chart reading thing. This scarf called for 66 stitches in sock yarn. Waaay too wide for me!!! So I made an adjustment and I am making this a reasonable sized 42 stitch scarf. Pattern wise it is working out perfect.

Not to mention, it will go a hell of a lot quicker!

You can't really see much of it in this picture. but I was pretty pleased with my results so far. I should probably mention, the biggest challenge so far is trying to keep Brodie off of my needles while I am trying to knit!

I will have about an hour to do some more knitting before work. One more night of work and maybe I will be able to get some sleep. Talk about burning the candle at both ends.

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